The Bay of Fundy's phenomenal tides are a defining characteristic along this coast. Here, where the Saint John River nears this tidal bay, one of the province's best-known sights occurs. Known as the Reversing Rapids, the real action is happening underwater, where a 61m waterfall drops into a plunge pool. What you see from above is the high tides of the Bay of Fundy colliding with the strong river current, causing rapids, standing waves and the water to flow upstream.

As the tide goes out, the river rolls back through the narrow gorge to the sea again with plenty of whirlpools and rapids. If this doesn't wow you sufficiently, you can take a zip line over the rapids.

At low tide, watch the rapids from the viewing platform at Fallsview Park signposted off Douglas St. At high tide, head over the bridge to Falls View Rd where there is an information center and a glass skywalk (adult/youth $15/8) out over the water. Tides tables are readily available.