Carleton Martello Tower

Saint John

Built during the War of 1812 for defence purposes, this round stone fort is going through restoration for the foreseeable future. In the meantime, you can see artifacts and learn about its history in the interpretive center and wander around its outside.

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1. Reversing Rapids

1.02 MILES

The Bay of Fundy's phenomenal tides are a defining characteristic along this coast. Here, where the Saint John River nears this tidal bay, one of the…

2. New Brunswick Museum

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The New Brunswick Museum has a varied and interesting collection. There's a surprisingly captivating section on industrial history with 1908 figurines by…

3. Loyalist House

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Dating from 1810, this Georgian-style Loyalist House was maintained with minimal changes for five generations until the family moved out in 1959. As one…

4. Fire Fighters Museum

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Across from Kings Square and housed in the 1840s volunteer fire station, this small museum has an engine from 1852 and another from the 1950s. Photos,…

5. Loyalist Burial Ground

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This pretty cemetery, with sturdy trees offering plenty of shade, a fountain and fading tombstones from as early as 1783, is just off Kings Sq, in a park…

6. Saint John Jewish Historical Museum

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With various artifacts and photographs, this modest museum traces the history and culture of Saint John's Jewish community, whose members included Louis B…

7. Irving Nature Park

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For those with a vehicle and who like nature, Irving Nature Park, 9km southwest of Saint John, has rugged, unspoiled coastal topography. It's also a…

8. New River Provincial Park

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Just off Hwy 1, about 35km west of Saint John on the way to St Stephen, this large park has one of the best beaches along the Fundy shore, a wide stretch…