Tour de l’Horloge

Old Montréal

At the eastern edge of the historic port stands the 45m-high white Clock Tower. This precise clock, a replica of Big Ben in London, commemorates all of the sailors and shipmen who died in the world wars. Visitors can climb the 192 steps for a view over Old Montréal and the river.

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Nearby Old Montréal attractions

1. Pavillon du Bassin Bonsecours

0.26 MILES

This pavilion has a snack bar in summer and winter. On frosty days, it's a fine place to warm up after ice-skating on the rink in front.

2. Parc du Bassin Bonsecours

0.27 MILES

Perched over the river, the Parc du Bassin Bonsecours is a grassy expanse enclosed by a waterway and crisscrossed with footbridges. In summer you can rent…

3. Rue de la Commune Est

0.29 MILES

Set back from the waterfront, ‘the Common’ is a showcase of the rejuvenation that has swept Old Montréal. Compare it with old photos and you’ll see the…

4. Chapelle Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours

0.29 MILES

Known as the Sailors’ Church, this enchanting chapel derives its name from the sailors who left behind votive lamps in the shapes of ships in thanksgiving…

6. Old Port

0.36 MILES

Montréal's Old Port has morphed into a park and fun zone paralleling the mighty St Lawrence River for 2.5km and punctuated by four grand quais (quays)…

7. Marché Bonsecours

0.37 MILES

This sprawling neoclassical building houses shops selling tourist-targeted arts and crafts, leather goods and garments, and several cafes. The upstairs…

8. Quai Jacques-Cartier & Around

0.39 MILES

This pier is the anchor of the Old Port area, home to restaurants, an open-air stage and a handicraft center. Every year the port stages a number of…