Fondation Phi

Old Montréal

Opened in 2007, this excellent contemporary-art gallery in a heritage building features mind-bending works by artists such as Valérie Belin, Ryoji Ikeda and Marc Quinn.

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1. Rue de l’Hôpital & Around

0.04 MILES

Named for a hospice set up by nuns in the 17th century, the Rue de l’Hôpital and adjoining streets are full of architectural quirks and highlights. On the…

2. Centre Phi

0.09 MILES

One of Old Montréal's most innovative art incubators, Centre Phi stages thought-provoking exhibitions, embracing a wide range of styles and genres. Four…

3. Guardian Trust Building


One of several grand buildings along Rue St-Jacques, the 1902 Guardian Trust Building has helmeted women's heads guarding the entrance while those of…

4. Molson Bank Building


The Molson beer-brewing dynasty had its own bank, but the Molson Bank Building looks more like a royal residence; heads of founder William and his two…

5. Vieux Séminaire de St-Sulpice

0.12 MILES

The seminary by the Basilique Notre-Dame and its grounds are closed to the public, but you can look at them through the gate. The Catholic order of…

6. Royal Bank Tower

0.12 MILES

The most glamorous building along Rue St-Jacques is probably the Royal Bank Building, the city’s tallest building (22 stories) when it was built in 1928…

7. Centre d'Histoire de Montréal

0.12 MILES

The Montréal History Center has 300-plus artifacts that illustrate the city’s eventful past while focusing on its social history. You can listen to the…

8. Old Customs House

0.13 MILES

The former customs house was built in 1836 and lies on a historic stretch of Old Montréal.