Rue de l’Hôpital & Around

Old Montréal

Named for a hospice set up by nuns in the 17th century, the Rue de l’Hôpital and adjoining streets are full of architectural quirks and highlights. On the corner of Rue St-François-Xavier, the Canadian Pacific Telegraph Chambers was the 19th-century equivalent of a national internet provider. It houses condominiums today but the wild-eyed keystone over the entrance remains. The Lewis Building was built as the head office of the Cunard Shipping Lines.

One mischievous character on the facade is holding a bag full of loot; a more scholarly colleague is taking notes. The Centaur Theatre performs English-language plays in the old Montréal Stock Exchange building. Opened in 1903, the huge columns recall imperial Rome while the interior has sumptuous marble and wood paneling.

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1. Fondation Phi

0.04 MILES

Opened in 2007, this excellent contemporary-art gallery in a heritage building features mind-bending works by artists such as Valérie Belin, Ryoji Ikeda…

2. Vieux Séminaire de St-Sulpice

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The seminary by the Basilique Notre-Dame and its grounds are closed to the public, but you can look at them through the gate. The Catholic order of…

3. Guardian Trust Building

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One of several grand buildings along Rue St-Jacques, the 1902 Guardian Trust Building has helmeted women's heads guarding the entrance while those of…

4. Molson Bank Building


The Molson beer-brewing dynasty had its own bank, but the Molson Bank Building looks more like a royal residence; heads of founder William and his two…

5. Basilique Notre-Dame

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Montréal's famous landmark, Notre Dame Basilica, is a 19th-century Gothic Revival masterpiece with spectacular craftsmanship – a visually pleasing, if…

6. Old Customs House

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The former customs house was built in 1836 and lies on a historic stretch of Old Montréal.

7. Place d'Armes

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This open square is framed by some of the finest buildings in Old Montréal, including its oldest bank, first skyscraper and Basilique Notre-Dame. The…

8. Centre Phi

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One of Old Montréal's most innovative art incubators, Centre Phi stages thought-provoking exhibitions, embracing a wide range of styles and genres. Four…