Jasper National Park

In a modern world of clamorous cities and ubiquitous social media, Jasper seems like the perfect antidote. Who needs a shrink when you’ve got Maligne Lake? What use is Facebook when you’re a two-day hike from the nearest road? And how can you possibly describe the Athabasca Glacier in a 140-character tweet?

Filled with the kind of immense scenery that could turn the most monosyllabic hermit into a romantic poet, Jasper is a rugged beauty; more raw and less tourist-pampering than its southern cousin Banff, and hence host to a more ambitious, adventurous visitor. Its tour de force is its extensive multipurpose trail network, much of it instantly accessible from the park’s compact townsite. Backing it up is abundant wildlife, colossal icefields and – for the brave – the kind of desolate backcountry that makes you feel as though you’re a good few kilometers (and centuries) from anything resembling civilization.

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