VICTORIA, BC/CANADA - APRIL 27 2015:Tarantula spider in the bugs zoo in Victoria BC, Canada on April 27 2015; Shutterstock ID 1427078042; your: Bridget Brown; gl: 65050; netsuite: Online Editorial; full: POI Image Update

Victoria Bug Zoo


It’s not big, nor are its resident critters (although some of them are alarmingly colossal by insect standards); however, this diminutive indoor ‘zoo’ is a small marvel thanks to the enthusiasm and knowledge of its guides. Atlas beetles, dragon-headed crickets and thorny devils are all explained, admired and – on occasion – lifted out of their tanks to be handed around for closer inspection. Children are the main audience, but this is a hugely entertaining and educational experience on any level.

The detailed anecdotes about ants are utterly fascinating.