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$117.84 Water Sports

2-Hour Kitesurfing Lesson on Boa Vista Island

Discover the joy of kite flying with a twist. Experience the exhilaration of this land-based sport. Choose from beginner courses or advanced depending on your level of experience. Benefit from an introduction to kite boarding techniques, wind windows and safety rules. Practice with 2/3 lines for first-timers before moving onto the inflatable kites. All equipment (harness, helmet, kite, protective gear and board) is included. Expect a beautiful beach with glorious white sand and clear water. And Turtle Beach, where the famous Loggerhead turtles make their annual egg-laying pilgrimage, is great for wave sailing due to its location on the edge of the bay with wind buffeting the island (plus you might get a rare treat and see some turtles!) Spend the day enjoying the sun, sand and beach. Take in the unspoiled beauty of Cape Verde. Expect the most intense winds between January and March. Qualify for you IKO Kite-Boarder Certification Card. Cape Verde is an unspoiled gem and to go kite surfing here is a great way to explore the island!

$41.24 Walking & Biking Tours


Tour start from our center at Hotel iberostar in direction to Rabil village to stop in the pottery factory and them to see the local church. After we pedal in direction to Fundo de Figueiras village and Deserto de Viana.  2 hours of bike tour to 35€ (a very competitive price).All you need to bring with you on e-bike tours is a hat, some sun protection, and your thirst for exploration.Our bicycle tours include:Quality e-bikes that help you easily traverse the Boa Vista terrain (big hills, soft sand, rocky terrain, sand dunes)A reliable helmet and a security pack to help you feel safe at all timesAn immense feeling of freedom and relief, as riding e-bikes is not tiring at allGuaranteed comfort ensured by the e-bikesAn e-bike design that makes sure you don’t break a sweat when riding through natureA healthy way to visit the Boa Vista natural highlightsExperienced guides who will tell you everything you need to know about the history, environment and culture of the island.