Sveti Stefan Church

Black Sea Coast

Built in the 11th century and reconstructed 500 years later, this is the best-preserved church in town. If you only visit one, this is the church to choose. Its beautiful 16th- to 18th-century murals cover virtually the entire interior. Come early, as it's popular with tour groups.

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1. St John Aliturgetos Church

0.05 MILES

Overlooking the harbour to the south, this earthquake-battered building is set on a cliff and provides a picturesque setting for summertime concerts.

2. Christ Pantokrator Church

0.07 MILES

Typical of the characteristic Nesebâr construction is this well-preserved church, built in the mid-14th century. An unusual feature at the eastern end of…

3. Church of St John the Baptist

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The Church of St John the Baptist was built in the 10th century and features some of the best-preserved murals from the 14th and 17th centuries. The…

4. Archaeological Museum

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Explore the rich history of Nesebâr – formerly Mesembria – at this fine museum. Greek and Roman pottery, statues and tombstones, as well as Thracian gold…

5. Sveti Spas Church

0.13 MILES

This modest, single-nave church was built in 1609, below ground level, as dictated by the Ottoman authorities of the time. It features some well-preserved…

6. Byzantine Baths

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Below ground level just behind the Sveti Spas Church are the partly excavated remains of a 6th-century Byzantine baths complex. Though not much to look at…

7. Town Gate

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The town gate leads to the old town. The well-preserved fortification walls here date from the 5th century AD.

8. Archangels Michael & Gabriel Church

0.17 MILES

This 13th-century ruin shows off some beautiful exterior decoration. The arches of the church are underscored by striking green-glazed plates.