Casa da Cultura


In a beautiful colonial mansion, Paraty’s Casa da Cultura hosts rotating exhibitions and events, with a focus on local culture. There are nice views of town from the main gallery upstairs.

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1. Capela de NS das Dores


This church of the colonial white elite was built in 1800 and renovated in 1901. It's generally off-limits to the public, though you can occasionally…

3. Matriz NS dos Remédios

0.11 MILES

Built in 1787 on the site of two previous 17th-century churches, this 'mother' church on Paraty's main square legendarily got financing for its…

4. Igreja Santa Rita dos Pardos Libertos

0.12 MILES

Built in 1722, this was the church for freed persons of mixed black and white ancestry. Nowadays it houses a tiny museum of sacred art and has some fine…

5. Forte Defensor Perpétuo


For sweeping bay views, climb to this historic Portuguese fort. First built in 1703 and rebuilt in 1822, its original purpose was to defend the gold…

6. Maria Izabel

3.27 MILES

This acclaimed cachaça distillery, 10km north of Paraty, often places within the top 10 or 20 in nationwide competitions. Call at least a day ahead to…

7. Alambique Paratiana

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Set beside the rushing Rio da Pedra Branca, Paratiana offers free tours of its cachaça distillery, where gleaming stills share space with giant casks of…

8. Fazenda Bananal

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Opened in 2017, this unique park is part nature reserve, part historic site. The grounds shelter 260 species of birds, walking trails, a mini-farm where…