Igreja São Pedro

This colonial church built in the 18th century was closed in 2015 due to risk of collapse and – much to the chagrin of locals – has yet to reopen.

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1. Museu do Mamulengo

0.09 MILES

The Museu do Mamulengo has a unique and surprisingly interesting collection of more than 1000 pieces devoted to the traveling puppet shows called…

2. Igreja NS do Carmo

0.14 MILES

Praça do Carmo is overlooked by Igreja NS do Carmo (1580), which has been restored in part, although the faded frescoes beside and above the altar on the…

3. Casa dos Bonecos Gigantes

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This small upstairs gallery displays a collection of the giant puppets used in Olinda's Carnaval. Unlike some more commercial galleries in Recife, almost…

4. Museu de Arte Contemporânea

0.16 MILES

Housed in an 18th-century Inquisition jail, MAC has occasionally interesting temporary exhibits in addition to a somewhat lackluster permanent collection…

5. Mosteiro de São Bento


The huge Mosteiro de São Bento, originally built in 1582, has some exceptional woodcarving in its impressive church. Sunday morning Mass (10am) is…

6. Igreja da Sé

0.24 MILES

The imposing Igreja da Sé was originally built in 1537. Burnt in 1631, it has been reconstructed four times since, most recently from 1974 to 1984 in a…

7. Igreja da Misericórdia

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Igreja da Misericórdia and the adjacent former hospital buildling stand on the site of a larger church built in 1630 that was burnt to the ground by the…

8. Museu Regional de Olinda


Located in a classic house that was formerly inhabited by the local clergy, this museum houses a small collection of colonial-period furniture and…