The Amazon rainforest, Brazil

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Jardim Botânico Adolpho Ducke

Top choice in Manaus

Spanning over 100 sq km, this 'garden' is actually the world’s largest urban forest. There's a network of five short trails (guides and closed shoes required, two to three hours, free with admission) and an open-air museum that includes rotating exhibits on Amazonian flora and fauna and a spectacular 42-meter-high observation tower. It's busier on weekends and free on Tuesday.

Comfortable shuttles (92 99286-9888, R$30 roundtrip, 45 minutes) leave from outside the tourist office (CAT) at 9am and 4pm. Otherwise, catch Bus 676 (R$3, one hour) from Praça da Matriz.

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1. Bosque da Ciência (INPA)

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8. Centro Cultural Usina Chaminé

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