Palacete Provincial


The ‘Image and Sound’ center at this handsome cultural complex has a huge collection of films, including century-old documentaries by Portuguese filmmaker Silvino Santos, some of the earliest recordings of Amazonian native people. The art gallery is decent too, but the police and archaeology displays are snoozers. Young eager guides are available for tours.

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Nearby Manaus attractions

1. Centro Cultural Palácio Rio Negro

0.29 MILES

The former home of eccentric German rubber baron Waldemar Scholz, the Centro Cultural Palácio Rio Negro was built in the early 1900s and served for many…

2. Catedral Metropolitana de Manaus


Manaus' main cathedral has twin bell towers and a warm yellow interior. It makes for a welcome respite from the busy streets just outside.

3. Centro Cultural Usina Chaminé

0.35 MILES

Also known as the Museu dos Cinco Sentidos (Museum of the Five Senses), this innovative museum uses the five senses to evoke and illustrate indigenous and…

4. Mercado Municipal Adolfo Lisboa

0.36 MILES

Manaus' historic city market was inaugurated in 1882, a downscaled replica of Paris' famed Les Halles market. Safe and bustling, the central building has…

5. Teatro Amazonas

0.39 MILES

This gorgeous theater was built at the height of the rubber boom, using European designers, decorators and even raw materials. The original driveway was…

6. Porto Flutuante

0.46 MILES

Inaugurated in 1902, Manaus' 'floating port' was a technical marvel of its day, able to adjust 15m or more to seasonal water levels. (Look for high water…

7. Museu Amazônico

0.48 MILES

Housed in a converted mansion, the Museu Amazônico has a small but excellent collection of indigenous items and artifacts from around the Amazon, many…