Parque Nacional de Brasília


In the northern reaches of the city limits, some 10km from the center, the 30-sq-km Parque Nacional de Brasília is a good place to relax. It has natural swimming pools and is home to a number of threatened animals, including deer, anteaters, giant armadillos and maned wolves. Two trails (1300m and 5km) explore the park, and there is also a mountain-biking route. Bus 128 from box E12 in the city bus station goes past the front gate.

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1. Memorial JK

3.39 MILES

Inside this enormous memorial is the tomb of former president Juscelino Kubitschek (JK), which lies underneath eerily beautiful stained glass by French…

2. Memorial dos Povos Indígenas

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Opposite the Memorial JK, in a Niemeyer building inspired by the circular form of the indigenous Yanomani hut, is a small but colorful display of…

3. Torre de TV

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The 75m-high observation deck of the TV Tower gives a decent overview of the city, but it’s still not quite tall enough to really get a sense of the city…

4. Parque da Cidade

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A good park not far from the city center is the Parque da Cidade, which has kiosks to grab a snack.

5. Santuário Dom Bosco

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Santuário Dom Bosco is made of 80 concrete columns that support 7400 pieces of illuminated Murano glass, symbolizing a starry sky, which cast a blue…

6. Teatro Nacional Cláudio Santoro

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7. Biblioteca Nacional

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The national library was opened in 2008 and yet still seems to be not fully realized. The arcade and grille of the handsome exterior give it a vaguely…

8. Museu Nacional

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This landmark white dome, gleaming in the sun, was opened to the public on the 100th birthday of architect Oscar Niemeyer. The inside is softer in grays…