Praia de Botafogo

Rio de Janeiro

Although the waters of Baía de Guanabara (Guanabara Bay) are too polluted for swimming, the beach overlooking the Enseada de Botafogo (Botafogo Inlet) makes a photogenic setting for a run or bike ride. Hopeful football stars play pick-up games along the shore, against the backdrop of sailboats bobbing on the water and Pão de Açúcar off in the background.

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1. Museu Casa de Rui Barbosa

0.43 MILES

The former mansion of famous Brazilian journalist and diplomat Rui Barbosa is now a museum housing his library and personal belongings. Barbosa played a…

2. Mirante do Pasmado

0.45 MILES

Sweeping views of Enseada de Botafogo, Pão de Açúcar and Corcovado await visitors who make the journey up Pasmado. It’s best reached in early morning or…

3. Museu Villa-Lobos

0.77 MILES

Housed in a century-old building, this modest museum is dedicated to the memory of Brazil’s greatest classical composer and founder of the Brazilian…

4. Museu do Índio


Though closed for renovations at the time of research, the small Museu do Índio features multimedia exhibitions on Brazil’s northern tribes and provides…

5. Parque do Flamengo

0.95 MILES

Officially called Parque Brigadeiro Eduardo Gomes, Parque do Flamengo was the result of a landfill project that leveled the São Antônio hill in 1965. It…

6. Palácio das Laranjeiras

0.98 MILES

The state governor's residence (closed to the public) is in Parque Guinle. The palace overlooks the west side of the park and is partially hidden by a…

7. Parque Guinle

1.01 MILES

This handsomely landscaped park is a pleasant escape from busy Rua das Laranjeiras outside its sphinx-guarded gates. It has a small wooded area and a tiny…

8. Centro Cultural Oi Futuro

1.08 MILES

One of Rio's most visually exciting additions is this futuristic space on the edge of Flamengo. Within 2000 sq meters of exhibition area spread across six…