Praia da Lagoinha

Santa Catarina

In the extreme north of the island, pretty Praia da Lagoinha is still home to a traditional fishing colony and calm, shallow seas that form an elongated crescent beach.

It's a good spot to escape the crowds of the north.

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1. Praia Brava

1.08 MILES

Praia Brava is a pretty patch of sand bordered by upscale condominiums some 400m back from the beach. It has wilder waves that attracts a steady stream of…

2. Praia dos Ingleses

4.01 MILES

Once among the island’s finest beaches, Praia dos Ingleses has suffered from its popularity. It’s now crowded with high-rise hotels and overpriced…

3. Praia do Santinho

5.81 MILES

Santinho is the north island’s best surfing beach, acclaimed for its consistent waves and uncrowded conditions.

4. Projeto TAMAR

12.6 MILES

Kids get a kick out of Brazil's non-profit sea turtle conservation organization, which features five tanks. Feedings (3:30pm) and baths (weekend mornings)…

5. Praia Mole

14.67 MILES

This is one of the East Island's best and most secluded beaches. It's hidden from SC-406 and accessed by a small trail. The northern end is very popular…

6. Mirante da Lagoa da Conceição

14.96 MILES

The postcard view of Lagoa da Conceição awaits at this must-stop lookout, which frames both sides of the lagoon, the dunes of Joaquina and beyond.

7. Igreja de NS do Rosário

16.12 MILES

The best-preserved colonial church, Igreja de NS do Rosário, sits picturesquely atop the steps at Rua Trajano.

8. Catedral Metropolitana

16.18 MILES

You’ll hear the hourly ringing of bells in the Catedral Metropolitana, which sits grandly at the high end of the square and is the only church we've ever…