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The Pantanal, one of the most important and fragile ecosystems on the planet, truly shines as Brazil’s top destination for animal-spotting and bird-watching. The attractions don't stop there: the crystal-clear rivers and cave lakes around Bonito and Bom Jardim allow you to explore a remarkable underwater world by donning a scuba tank or snorkelling mask.

In the far-north town of Alta Floresta, the cerrado (savanna) morphs into the Amazon; in the south near Bonito, the Serra da Bodoquena is a breathtakingly beautiful, watery wonderland. In between the two, the Parque Nacional da Chapada dos Guimarães boasts some of the most commanding plateau views in Brazil.

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6-Day Pantanal & Bonito Experience

Day 1: Campo Grande Departure  to the Pantanal (L/D) Please make your way to Campo Grande bus station for your transfer to Pantanal. You will be taken to your wetland lodge accommodation. After a warm welcome by the friendly staff, get settled and check out the list of activities you can do over the next few days. *Note: Optional Campo Grande accommodation pick-up available *Note: We recommend arriving for the 10:00am departure to be able to participate in as many activities possible. If you choose to departe later, you will not have time for activities. Days 2-3: Pantanal Activities (2B/2L/2D) Throughout your stay in Pantanal, you will enjoy meals as you join in to a variety of activities. There will be boat trips along the river, night safari by boat, horseback riding, fishing for Piranha, riding inner-tubes down the river, walking tours, jeep safaris, alligator spotting and canoeing. No matter what you do you are sure to have fun! Make sure you are camera-ready as during your excursions within this large freshwater floodplain, you will get plentiful opportunities to observe native wildlife such as alligators, capybaras, armadillos, jaguars and a wide variety of birds. *Note: Your guide will help you organise the activities you participate in and they are subject to availability and weather conditions. Day 4: Transfer Pantanal to Bonito (B) Say goodbye to the Pantanal, and continue to the beautiful eco-tourism destination of Bonito that will take you by surprise with its incredible natural wonders. Bonito is the perfect place for nature trips in Brazil because of its hundreds of waterfalls, crystalline water lakes and rivers, more than 80 caves - flooded droughts and grottos, rocky walls, and an abundance of fish and other wild animals. Day 5: Free Day in Bonito Take a free day in Bonito to explore the spectacular fresh water rivers where you can snorkel with giant fish and swim in natural springs. Hop on a bike and head over to enjoy the sun and warmth of the region by relaxing at the municipal pools. Take an optional day trip to see macaws and parrots in their natural habitat in a huge sinkhole in the jungle. All of these activities are optional and on your own. We leave it up to you to choose what you want to do because there are so many options! Day 6: Transfer Bonito to Campo Grande Today you will get a transfer back to Campo Grande, you will be picked up from your accommodation at 10:30 a.m. Say goodbye to this incredible region of Brazil as your trip comes to an end. On the way back, admire your beautiful pictures and get ready to brag to your friends about this once-in-a-lifetime adventure!

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Mount Roraima Trekking Expedition - 09 or 11 days - Roraima - Brazil - Venezuela

:: 11 Day Mount Roraima Expedition Itinerary :: Day 1: Boa Vista (Brazil) x Santa Helena (Venezuela) Hiking distance: -Overnight mode: Hotel Day 2: Santa Elena x Paratepuy (4x4) x Tek's River CampingHiking distance: 14 kmOvernight mode: CampingDay 3: Tek's River Camp x Roraima Base CampHiking distance: 09 kmOvernight mode: CampingDay 4: Base Camp x Top of Mount RoraimaHiking distance: 03 kmOvernight mode: CampingDay 5: Quati's Camp x Brazil SectorHiking distance: 12 kmOvernight mode: CampingDay 6: Cotinga's River, Gladys Lake and Roraima's BowHiking distance: 10 kmOvernight mode: CampingDay 7: Triple Border, Crystals Valley and Venezuela HotelHiking distance: 12 kmOvernight mode: CampingDay 8: Jacuzzis, Maverick Sotone (Summit), La Ventana, AbismoHiking distance: 12 kmOvernight mode: CampingDay 9: Top of Mount Roraima x Tek's CampHiking distance: 15 kmOvernight mode: CampingDay 10: Tek's Camp x Paraytepuy x Santa Elena (4x4)Hiking distance: 12 kmOvernight mode: HotelDay 11: Santa Elena x Boa Vista Airport (Brazil)Hiking distance: -Overnight mode: -:: 09 Day Mount Roraima Expedition Itinerary :: Day 1: Boa Vista (Brazil) x Santa Helena (Venezuela)Hiking distance: -Overnight mode: Hotel Day 2: Santa Elena x Paratepuy (4x4) x Tek's River CampingHiking distance: 14 kmOvernight mode: CampingDay 3: Tek's River Camp x Roraima Base CampHiking distance: 09 kmOvernight mode: CampingDay 4: Roraima Base Camp x Top of Mount RoraimaHiking distance: 04 kmOvernight mode: CampingDay 5: Jacuzzi, Abismo, La Ventana and Salto CatedralHiking distance: 07 kmOvernight mode: CampingDay 6: Triple Border, El Fosso and Crystals ValleyHiking distance: 12 kmOvernight mode: CampingDay 7: Top of Mount Roraima x Tek's CampHiking distance: 15 kmOvernight mode: CampingDay 8: Tek's Camp x Paraytepuy x Santa Elena (4x4)Hiking distance: 12 kmOvernight mode: HotelDay 9: Santa Elena x Boa Vista Airport (Brazil)Hiking distance: -Overnight mode: -

$1120 Multi-day & Extended Tours

Lençóis Maranhenses Trekking Expedition - 05 days - São Luís - Brazil

:: 05 Day Lençóis Maranhenses trekking Itinerary :: Day 1: São Luis Airport(Maranhão State, Brazil) x Barreirinhas village (transport) x Atins villageLanding at São Luis airport should be before 3am in the morning of the 1st expedition day. Therefore we recommend to fly to São Luis the day before. We will take the transfer that will take us to Barreirinhas (265km - 4 hours) very early and have a good breakfast afterwards, then we will embark on a little boat to the beautiful Preguiças River where we will see some lagoons and villages. Our first destination will be Atins coastal village. We will have a beautiful 6km walk on this first day of the expedition.Hiking distance: 6 kmOvernight mode: Local residents lodge Day 2: Atins Village x Baixada Grande Village: crossing the desertAfter breakfast, departure at 4 am (early to walk calmly on the beautiful path). We will walk about 24km, approximately 8 hours by the beautiful dunes until arriving at Baixa Grande village. It will be an extensive day, but we will arrive early to enjoy one of the best Oasis of the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park.Hiking distance: 24 kmOvernight mode: Local residents lodge Day 3: Baixada Grande x Queimada dos Britos At 6:00 am after our breakfast, we will continue our great adventure to Trekking Lençóis Maranhenses. On this day, we will do a 12km walk, and will have more time to relax and enjoy the landscape of our expedition.Hiking distance: 12 kmOvernight mode: Local residents lodge Day 4: Queimada dos Britos x Santo Amaro village x Transfer to São Luis cityOn this day we will wake up very early for our last trekking day. We will hike to Santo Amaro with arrival scheduled for late afternoon. In Santo Amaro our van will be waiting for us to return in comfort to São Luis city. We will be staying in a comfortable hotel overlooking the sea. After all, after such a crossing, we really deserve it.Hiking distance: 20 kmOvernight mode: Hotel at São Luis CityDay 5: Free day at São Luis (city tour) x end of the Expedition  We will have a free morning to rest at the hotel, and in the afternoon we will go for a city tour through São Luis, getting to know the Historic Center and other attractions.

$120 Tours & Sightseeing

Alter do Chão Maica Lake

The Maica Lake Santarem is a wonderful biodiversity of the Amazon with an incredible natural fish nursery. Especially early in the morning or late in the afternoon the scenery is beautiful and different it is a remarkable place for its peace, for its calm waters and for its flora and fauna. The Maica lake Santarem is without doubt the best place in the area for fishing, observe reptiles and marvel at a multitude of birds including herons, toucans, macaws and parrots.   Anglers in their canoes patiently waiting for the fishing results also inhabit the Maica Lake Santarem; their homes are isolated and far apart, creating an amazing atmosphere with peace and harmony.   Selvagem Tours wants to introduce this paradise to you on an unforgettable adventure… We start our tour in the wonderful (1) Alter do Chão navigating northeast the Tapajos River enjoying lakes, forests, observing many birds in the beach and with a little luck; we may see monkeys and sloths on the islands.   We will pass by the (2) Island of love, (3) Piraoca mount, (3) Piranha Lake, (4) Selvagem beach, visit the (5) Crocodile Lake for a swim and a very pretty photo session, stop in the iconic stone tip (6) Ponta de Pedras for a delicious local appetizer. After several pictures we will navigate to (7) Black Lake / Taparí Lake pass by the famous Saulo´s house and enjoy all the beaches and beauties all the way to the city of Santarém.   In Santarem, we will make our adventure even better navigating right on top of the famous (8) Encounter of the waters watching dolphins pink and gray swimming side by side and if you want you can feel the difference of both rivers swimming in it.   We will sail for a few more kilometers to enter the fascinating (9) Maica Lake Santarem where you will surely have an unforgettable moment in your life watching alligators, Iguanas climbing trees, dozens of birds flying over our vessel, monkeys on the trees, sloths all in a wonderful Amazonian biodiversity with peace and harmony.   We´ll return to Alter do Chão with a beautiful sunset right at the horizon directly in front of our boat topping your day of beauty.   Selvagem Tours – We live beautiful moments with our customers…

$70 Cruises, Sailing & Water Tours

Alter do Chao Full-Day Amazon River Boat Tour

Meet your guide at Alter do Chão Port, and start your tour. For your comfort and well-being both boat options will come with beach service, water, ice, and fresh fruit with beer for the fast boats and caipirinhas and a full bar stocked with the best hot and cold beverages for the regional ships. Begin in the wonderful Green Lake made by 14 natural springs, featuring amazing flora and swimming opportunities in clear fresh waters. Shortly following is a beautiful canoe ride to the Enchanted Forest, where you will enjoy the peace and beauty of the forest. Observe many birds in the lake and with a little luck you may see monkeys and sloths on the surrounding islands.  Next, stop at the famous Island of Love for a relaxing 1-hour trail to the next destination, Piraoca Mount. With a fantastic 360 degree view you can take amazing pictures of the Green Lake, Alter do Chão and the Tapajós River. Relax on the beach, take a dip or have a few drinks. Continue your adventure through the Jacundá Lake, stopping at Mureta Lake to walk on the beach and swim directly in the clean waters of the Tapajós River. After, visit Jurucuri Lake and then the historic Pindobal Beach where you will learn about the rubber history in the Amazon. Enjoy a native lunch with delicious local fish, meat and wild chicken plus all the goodies that come with it. When ready, continue to Piranha Lake, named fittingly because of the black piranha that inhabit it. Following this, you will head to Selvagem Beach where you can enjoy a delightful picnic with fresh watermelon, pineapple, banana, passion fruit, orange, apple and coconut. This beach is an incredible setting for photos, walks on its white sand beach, climbs on its giant rocks and swims in a paradise that looks like the sea. Up next, sail to Crocodile Lake - one of the most beautiful lakes in the region with real alligators, turtles and a lot of beauty for you to reflect on the memorable day. Your journey ends with a stop at the Cururu tip - a magical beach extending into the Tapajós River where all boats touring in the area stop for a fabulous sunset and dolphin spotting.

$105 Day Trips & Excursions

Flona Jamaraqua Tapajós National Forest Ecotourism

We customize our FLONA Jamaraqua tour as follows: We leave Alter do Chao southbound in the Tapajós river passing through the Jacundá Lake stopping at the (1) Mureta Lake to walk on the beach and swim directly into the clean waters of the Tapajós River.   We will visit the (2) Jurucuri Lake and go to the historic (3) Pindobal Beach where you will learn about the rubber history in the Amazons. We will continue enjoying the beautiful beaches of (4) Cajutuba with another stop in (5) Aramanai beach to take pictures and enjoy a refreshing swim. We´ll proceed to (6) Santo Domingo and (7) Maguari Beach with opportunities for beautiful photos.   Next, stop (8) FLONA Jamaraqua where we will go straight to the lovely (9) stream of Jamaraqua with crystal clear water, numerous fish and a lot of beauty to make a delicious picnic with fresh fruits “watermelon, pineapple, banana, passion fruit, orange, apple and coconut.”   We will walk to a great (10) local craft store where you can buy rubber products produced by the natives in accessible prices. Then We’ll make the famous (***) (11) Jamaraqua track with a local guides walking 9 km in 3-4 hours, visiting a huge samaúma tree, observe the viewpoint of the Tapajós River seeing varies animals and learning an unforgettable education of the fauna and flora of the region. Also available is a smaller trail “3 km 1.5 hours” just walking through the forest.   (****) (12) Homemade Native Lunch – Do you still remember your grandmother cooking? YES? This is the taste and quality of the delicious native lunch we will experience with wild chicken fresh fish and other delicacies. After you delight yourself with the native cuisine we will go appreciate the sunset in a (*****) (13) Canoe trip on the stream with many beautiful landscapes concluding our stay in FLONA Jamaraqua returning to Alter do Chao in a starry sky.   “You also have the option to do this tour in 2 days camping in the forest with fire and an orchestra of nocturnal animals, camping on the beach with fire watching a beautiful starry sky or comfortably staying in the Nirvana of the Tapajos hostel to enjoy our amazon nights.”   Ecotourism in Alter do Chao – We personalize our tours with a lot of pleasure and our customers in mind. We strive to deliver a service as good as possible. Quite simply, we never forget that you are important.Itens (***) through (*****) are optional with extra cost for the Community.

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