Museo Elsa Paredes de Salazar

La Paz

An intriguing collection of more than 800 dolls from around the world, most dressed in traditional Bolivian costumes, but some from other continents and cultures. Look for the Evo Morales bobblehead.

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1. Sopocachi

0.15 MILES

Sopocachi has some of La Paz’ best restaurants and nightspots. You can spend a few hours people watching on Plaza Eduardo Avaroa, before hoofing up to the…

2. Fundación Solón

0.17 MILES

This building was once home to Walter Solón Romero, one of the nation's most important and politically active artists. Known for his elaborate murals and…

3. Salar Galería de Arte

0.18 MILES

Bolivia's top contemporary artists showcase their work at this whimsical three-story gallery.

4. Museo Nacional de Arqueología Tiwanaku

0.54 MILES

Two blocks east of El Prado, this small but well-sorted collection of artifacts illustrates the most interesting aspects of Tiwanaku culture – those that…

5. Parque Urbano Central


La Paz’s city park has interesting skyways and the Mirador Laikakota. Traveling circuses will often set up here, too.

6. Mirador Laikakota

0.62 MILES

The Mirador Laikakota – part of the children's museum – is in a tranquil park setting and is perfect for kids.

7. Pipiripi

0.65 MILES

La Paz’s children’s museum has interactive exhibits and plenty of stickiness and stinky-sock smells over four rambling levels. The views are awesome, and…

8. Iglesia Indígena de San Pedro

0.69 MILES

Founded in 1549 and finished at the end of the 18th century after the siege of La Paz by Tupac Katari, the ‘Indigenous Church of San Pedro’ has baroque…