Lake Titicaca

This picturesque village lies on a secluded crescent-shaped bay encased by green hills. If it’s open, there’s a basic tienda (shop) in town selling soft drinks.

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Nearby Lake Titicaca attractions

1. Gruta de Lourdes

1.11 MILES

A cave that, for locals, evokes images of its respective French and Portuguese namesakes. It attracts devotees from across the border in Peru,…

2. Sampaya

1.37 MILES

This is a beautifully preserved village where the homes are built with flat stones joined in an earthen mortar. There is a stone church on the hilltop…

3. Sicuani

1.41 MILES

Ask around town for Hilario Paye Quispe. He can take you on trips around the bay in a totora-reed boat or via motorboat to the peninsula opposite (prices…

4. Yampupata

3.37 MILES

This is a collection of lakefront adobe houses. If you ask around, you’ll find rooms for rent for about B$30. Asociación Transport Yampu Tour Lacustre…

5. Museo de Kusijata

4.01 MILES

A 3km walk northeast along the shoreline from the end of Calles Junín or Ballivián leads to the community of Kusijata, where there’s a former colonial…

6. Cerro Calvario

4.27 MILES

The summit can be reached in half an hour and is well worth the climb, especially for a view of the sunset. The trail begins near the church at the end of…

8. Templo de las Vírgenes

4.42 MILES

The ruins of an Inca nunnery and temple dedicated to the Virgins of the Sun ­– also known as Ajlla Wasi or Iñak Uyu – occupy an amphitheater-like valley…