Gruta de Lourdes

Lake Titicaca

A cave that, for locals, evokes images of its respective French and Portuguese namesakes. It attracts devotees from across the border in Peru, particularly in August.

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Nearby Lake Titicaca attractions

1. Titicachi

1.11 MILES

This picturesque village lies on a secluded crescent-shaped bay encased by green hills. If it’s open, there’s a basic tienda (shop) in town selling soft…

2. Sicuani

2.42 MILES

Ask around town for Hilario Paye Quispe. He can take you on trips around the bay in a totora-reed boat or via motorboat to the peninsula opposite (prices…

3. Sampaya

2.47 MILES

This is a beautifully preserved village where the homes are built with flat stones joined in an earthen mortar. There is a stone church on the hilltop…

4. Museo de Kusijata

2.91 MILES

A 3km walk northeast along the shoreline from the end of Calles Junín or Ballivián leads to the community of Kusijata, where there’s a former colonial…

5. Cerro Calvario


The summit can be reached in half an hour and is well worth the climb, especially for a view of the sunset. The trail begins near the church at the end of…

7. Museo del Poncho

3.55 MILES

A visit to Museo del Poncho will help you unravel the mysteries of the regional textiles. The exhibits, spread over two floors, give a clear insight into…

8. Museo Pacha Uta


A small museum by the tourist info center that's dedicated to the natural and human history of the lake.