Lake Titicaca

This is a collection of lakefront adobe houses. If you ask around, you’ll find rooms for rent for about B$30. Asociación Transport Yampu Tour Lacustre takes passengers across to the south of Isla del Sol for B$130 (one-way). You can also get to Isla de la Luna for B$250 (round-trip). Prices are per boat.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Lake Titicaca attractions

1. Pilko Kaina

1.47 MILES

This prominent ruins complex near the southern tip of the island is about 30 minutes (2km) south by foot from Yumani. It sits well camouflaged against a…

2. Sicuani

2.05 MILES

Ask around town for Hilario Paye Quispe. He can take you on trips around the bay in a totora-reed boat or via motorboat to the peninsula opposite (prices…

3. Escalera del Inca

2.05 MILES

Just uphill from the ferry dock at Yumani, along the beautifully reconstructed Escalera del Inca (Inca stairway), you’ll pass plenty of terraced gardens,…

4. Fuente del Inca

2.09 MILES

Early Spaniards believed Yumani’s spring was a fountain of youth and for the Incas the three streams represented their national motto: Ama sua, Ama llulla…

5. Sampaya

2.17 MILES

This is a beautifully preserved village where the homes are built with flat stones joined in an earthen mortar. There is a stone church on the hilltop…

6. Yumani

2.36 MILES

Yumani is the main village at the south end of the island. Most boats drop you at the village’s dock, about 200m downhill from the town proper. The small…

7. Lighthouse

2.45 MILES

This lighthouse on the tip of Kakayo-Queña Ridge is technically in an area tourists are allowed to visit, though access by land has been cut off by the…

8. Ruins

2.65 MILES

Of the more than 80 Inca ruins on the island, most date to the 15th century AD. You could spend a week looking at them all.