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Pathfinders: top Best in Travel 2019 Instagrams

St. Ulrich's church in Augsburg, Germany © @californiaglobetrotter

Our Pathfinder 'grammers have done us proud with this splendid selection of Best in Travel 2019 themed shots. From the imposing architecture of Belarus to lazy days on Sri Lankan beaches, these are the shots from the last 12 months that make us want to get planning our travels for the year ahead!

Amman, Jordan

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A post shared by Ellie & Ravi | Soul Travel (@soultravelblog) on

'We don’t normally have great expectations of cities when we travel; rather it’s the smaller, quieter places we look forward to. ⁣So Amman took us a bit by surprise! ⁣A city built on 17 hills, there’s always a view to be found in Amman – this one is from the citadel at the centre of the city, where civilisation goes back to the bronze age (this is the temple of Hercules, which dates back to the second century AD).⁣' – Ellie and Ravi, @soultravelblog

Why we like it: Let's face it – rarely do we see an image of Jordan that isn't depicting some angle of Petra or Wadi Rum, so Ellie and Ravi's shot of Amman is a real breath of fresh air. From the striking blue hues of the horizon to the beautifully framed ruins in the image's centre, it's a shot that showcases a lesser-explored side to the country; the perfect blend of ancient relics in the foreground, surrounded by the sprawling city.

Minsk, Belarus

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A post shared by Where The Snows Go (@wherethesnowsgo) on

'Little touches of Soviet-era architecture can be found all over Minsk, including buildings with the distinctive star detailing. We wandered by this one just after a rain shower had passed, with the storm clouds in the background adding contrast to the peach-coloured building.' – Andrew and Katryna, @wherethesnowsgo

Why we like it: Minsk is full of characterful buildings, and Andrew and Katryna have expertly captured this one with their central framing of its tower and spire. The terracotta hues look all the more dramatic set against the marbled, cloud-filled sky, and the sunlight dancing across the upper windows adds an extra sparkle of life to the image as a whole.

Neist Point, Scotland

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A post shared by ReverieChaser - Sapņu Medniece (@lincalincalinca) on

' It was a very windy, very cold evening, when the sun disappeared quickly behind a cloud and all the sunset crowds dispersed with it. It was the end of September, but a sturdy hat, gloves and winter coat was exactly what we needed to continue exploring the area, even in this unfavourable weather. Neist Point Lighthouse did not disappoint! The blue hour was breathtakingly beautiful, and we did not have to share the view with anyone. There is no such thing as bad weather, only not enough layers!' – Alina and Jekabs, @lincalincalinca

Why we like it: The dramatic landscapes of Scotland's Highlands rarely fail to impress, but Alina and Jekabs have managed to capture the stormy, brooding horizon, ruggedly beautiful coastline and velvety waters of Neist Point with real finesse. Framing the outcrop of land so that it winds from one corner of the frame to another draws the eye smoothly across, to settle on the miniature lighthouse, perched on the point's very tip – this is nature at its jagged, craggy, weather-beaten best.

Tangalle, Sri Lanka

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A post shared by Natasha ✈ Cameron (@theworldpursuit) on

'We finally made it to Sri Lanka! We arrived a few days ago to this amazing island. We barely feel like we’ve gotten to know the place as we’re on a quick tour, but the one conclusion we have come to these past few days is that the beaches are absolutely gorgeous. They're definitely calling our names to return and bask in some Indian Ocean vibes!' – Natasha and Cameron, @theworldpursuit

Why we like it: Sri Lanka has no shortage of picturesque and photo-worthy beaches, but there's something about the warm, almost sepia tones of Natasha and Cameron's image that add an extra haze of calm and tranquillity to the scene depicted. From the crisscrossing palm tree trunks and boats left discarded for the day, to the shimmering reflections in the lower quarter of the frame, everything about this shot showcases Sri Lanka at its most peaceful and idyllic.

Augsburg, Germany

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A post shared by Caliglobetrotter | Lorelei (@californiaglobetrotter) on

'While walking along the main street in Augsburg, Maximilianstrasse, I stopped to snap photos of the Hercules Fountain with St. Ulrich's Church in the distance. It was a gloriously clear summer morning, and this particular angle, zoomed in on a bust on the fountain, caught my attention. Augsburg is an easy day trip from Munich!' – Lorelei, @californiaglobetrotter

Why we like it: This shot of the main street in Augsburg is a real masterclass in framing and focus. As Lorelei points out, despite its soft focus, the distant St Ulrich's Church is the image's main feature, which she achieves by capturing the road in the frame's lower third and drawing the eye from the beautifully sharp foreground fountain directly through to the church's tower. There's a lot of life to this image; from the dappled sunlight across the road and water, to the tiny droplets splashing up from the fountain. It's a clever, sharp, unique perspective.

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