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Pathfinders: top Instagrams from August 2018

Edinburgh skyline at dusk © @maketimetoseetheworld

City skylines, natural wonders and dramatic viewpoints made this month’s round-up of the Pathfinder Instagrams that left us with severe wanderlust. From Edinburgh to Yucatán, these are the shots that are worth a second look.

London, UK

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‘While exploring Hackney I stumbled upon an historic tower with views over London. It turns out that the tower is only open once a month for a couple of hours, so I completely lucked out. When I climbed to the top I was rewarded with this great view over the local area and city skyline. I loved watching the red buses go by as I photographed it.’ – Julie, @aladyinlondon

Why we like it: Red buses? Check. Iconic skyscrapers in the distance? Check. Grey horizon? Check. Julie’s capture has all the elements of a quintessential London snap, but with the added character of one of its hottest neighbourhoods. The diagonal lines created by the bridge and roadway draw the eye to the centre of the image, whilst the bridge itself and all-important red buses add vibrant pops of colour.

Palawan, Philippines

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‘Tropical islands and remote beaches. Just two of the endless reasons to love the Philippines.’ – Richard, @traveltramp_uk

Why we like it: Whatever way you look at it, Richard has captured a true paradise island. Skilfully framed drone shots offer a unique take on nature’s beauty, and this frame showcases a stunning symphony of colours and textures. The streams of sunlight tumbling down onto the water in the image’s top left hand corner add an unusual, almost sepia tone – if only we could teleport there!

Stavanger, Norway

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A post shared by Go Live Young (@goliveyoung) on

‘Today was one of those amazing family travel days which we’ll remember for a long time to come. We hiked Florli 4444, near Stavanger in Norway. 4444 steps up an old trolley railway, which used to service a hydroelectric power station, the hike affords amazing views of Lysefjord below. I’m not sure how we did it – the hike was pretty tough, but so worthwhile. Two hours up and about the same down (by a different route, as the steps are too dangerous to hike down)!’ – Nicky, @goliveyoung

Why we like it: 4444 steps?? Well, Nicky’s capture makes us feel as though we’ve hiked at least some of them, what with her ingenious perspective drawing the gaze down the railway towards the water below. The best travel snaps always incite a sense of adventure, and this is a frame that really gets the blood pumping and the feet itching to explore.

Yucatán, Mexico

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‘I woke up very early and drove to this amazing cenote, called ‘Suytun’ – it was a perfect opportunity to explore the place and learn about its story. The cenotes are underground caverns with spring water reserves. These types of cenotes are formed when the drops of water falling from above dissolve the limestone rock and form stalactites that create these incredibly shaped rocks. These cenotes were once sacred places for Mayans, where they performed sacrifices, rituals and ceremonies.’ – Michele, @michele_roux

Why we like it: This image is a masterclass in perspective shooting, making full use of the lone figure to showcase the sheer scale of the cenote and its impressive stalactites. The muted colour palette of the cavern and rock formations only serves to make the bright turquoise of the water all the more vibrant, and beckons the viewer into the centre of the image. Razor-sharp focus and perfect framing – hats off!

Edinburgh, Scotland

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A post shared by Vicki Louise (@maketimetoseetheworld) on

‘I attended the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo as ‘media’, which allowed me access to the roof of the stadium and gave me a unique vantage point above the city. This shot was taken looking over the city centre rooftops and back down the Royal Mile at sunset. I grabbed it just before the Massed Pipes and Drums started to march into the stadium to the start the performance. Sunsets and bagpipes are a stellar combination!’ – Vicki, @maketimetoseetheworld

Why we like it: City skylines are always great Instagram fodder, but there's something about the golden evening light and dramatically dappled sky that combine to make Vicki's capture extra special. She expertly draws the eye from the bottom of the frame through to its centre, having framed the Royal Mile perfectly. This is a shot that is overflowing with atmosphere, and showcases the city's unique charm with effortless finesse.

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