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Pathfinders: top posts from May 2018

Agios Georgios beach in sunset, Corfu island, Greece © Elena Pavlovich / Shutterstock This month's round up includes a debate about Greece's best islands © Elena Pavlovich / Shutterstock

Last month, our Pathfinders community treated us to an eclectic selection of travel yarns that have left us itching to get away. From camel riding in the Sahara to running up – yes, up – a ski jump, these are our favourite Pathfinder blog posts from May.

Uncovering an Islamic Caliphate through the Moorish Sites in Córdoba – Mark and Paul

There’s a certain romance in strolling the streets of a new city and imagining how it looked in some long-forgotten age, and Córdoba, in southern Spain, is the perfect place to indulge in this pastime. In this post, Mark and Paul delve into the rich, surprising history of this Spanish city – which, for a short time, stood as one of the centres of the Islamic world – while discussing its present-day sights, creating a piece that stokes wanderlust and intrigue in equal measure.

Mark and Paul quit their London-based jobs to travel full-time, recording stories of people, cultures and landscapes. Find out more at anywhereweroam.com.

Overcoming my fear in the Sahara Desert – Cory Lee

Despite being a popular tourist experience, the thought of riding a camel fills many travellers with a sense of apprehension, but for Cory, who travels the world in his wheelchair, the activity appeared as almost terrifying. On the surface, Cory’s post highlights the work of Moroccan Accessible Travel Consultants, as he embarks on an accessible camel ride across the Sahara, but more universally it is a post about the challenge of facing your fears on the road, whatever they may be.

Cory is something of an ambassador for accessible travel, sharing his experiences around the world to inspire and inform others. Keep up with his travels at curbfreewithcorylee.com.

Beautiful Greek islands for your bucket list – Clare Thomson

The Greek islands; there’s a lot of them, each seemingly beautiful with turquoise-ribboned shores and an alluring, laid-back attitude to life. All this makes choosing one for a holiday a devilishly tricky task. Cue Clare’s post, which employs the clever device of asking fellow travel bloggers to pick their favourite Greek island with reasons justifying their choice. The result is an insightful and visually appealing post that may not dictate your next Greek holiday, but will certainly provide food for thought.

Clare’s family travel blog aims to show fellow explorers that travel is more fun when you take things slowly. Find out more at suitcasesandsandcastles.com.

What’s it like to do the Red Bull ski jump run? – Julie Sykes

Running up a ski jump is an odd way to spend a holiday, but each year hundreds of people sign up to do precisely that as part of the Red Bull 400, including Julie, who travels to Finland to take part in a race and relays her experience in this post. A fun concept recounted in fizzing prose makes this a very entertaining read, while the practical information regarding the logistics of taking part offers a useful resource for those who may wish to get involved – though, we’re not all that tempted...

Julie is a UK-based travel blogger and ‘comfort-zone pusher’ who aims to inspire readers to experience something unique during their holidays. Learn more at thegapyearedit.com.

Mundo Perdido: an attempted hike to the top of East Timor’s ‘Lost World’ – Richard Collett

Describing an intrepid journey to a peak dubbed ‘Lost World’ that resides in a little-visited corner of Southeast Asia, Richard’s post has all the makings of a classic adventure travel yarn. Chock-full of guerilla fighters, remote villages, impending storms and a perilous mountain ascent (which ultimately ends in failure), Richard’s narrative style makes for exhilarating reading and brings to life the people and landscapes of East Timor, which, for most mainstream tourists, remains something of a ‘lost world’.

Richard is an adventure traveller and photographer who is addicted to getting off the beaten track. Read more of his stories at travel-tramp.com.


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