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LP Pathfinders: video of the month, October 2017

Taj Mahal. The Taj Mahal © chuvipro / Getty Images

Every month, we curate the best blog posts and Instagrams from our Lonely Planet Pathfinders.

This month’s feature is from videographer and Lonely Planet Pathfinder Mark Hadj Hamou who has captured some inspiring footage of his recent trip to India.

Aside from the marvels we witnessed during our trip to India, I was struck by the incredible people we met. A destination that offered a true escape from my everyday routine, I left part of myself in India and have been fighting a sense of nostalgia ever since. These are my dreams of India.

Dreams of India - Mark Hadj Hamou

A huge hat tip to Mark who has perfectly paired a variety of shots of daily life in India with up-close shots of characterful locals and fellow travellers; together they enable us to see India from his perspective. We particularly enjoy the use of spoken word at the beginning of the video which helps tie the footage together.

Once again, we were bowled over by the standard of videos submitted this month. We particularly enjoyed Explore with Ed’s feature which captured a whole lot of adventure in 48 hours in Amsterdam, while Sabina from Girl vs Globe shows us how best to save some Euros in Venice.

Thank you to all the Pathfinders who submitted videos this month – keep your eyes peeled on our Thorn Tree forum where we’ll post the next submission call-out. Find out what else our Lonely Planet Pathfinders are up to (or sign up yourself!) by checking out the Pathfinders video playlist and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.