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LP Pathfinders: top Instagrams from June 2017


In this month's round-up of photographs from our Pathfinders we journey to Italy, Canada, Tanzania, Spain and New York City. If these gorgeous silhouettes, unique perspectives and peaceful depictions of nature don't inspire you to grab your passport and go, we don't know what will.

Jasper National Park, Canada

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‘Just another day in Jasper National Park. Spotted yet another animal, this time a lone male wapiti (elk) enjoying his dinner, grazing among the wildflowers. With the mountains in the background and the late-day light, it ended up looking like a museum diorama.’ – J Lee, @leejaxk.

Why we like it: Finding scenes such as this one isn't an everyday occurrence. The blue-grey colour of the mountain range at the top of the image and the separating line of jagged trees in the middle ground punctuated with the elk in the foreground gives our eye plenty to take in as we enjoy such a serene moment.

Verona, Italy

‘We found Verona’s Museo Archeologico al Teatro Romano a nice respite from Italy’s summer heat, and well worth a visit for their comprehensive collection of local artifacts. We also found that the museum, located in a former monastery, offered the best views over the Adige River and the old Roman theatre.’ – Where The Snows Go, @wherethesnowsgo.

Why we like it: It's easy to fall in love with Italy and with views like this one you can see why. The composition of the overall image leads our eye across the rooftops and across the bridge. Our eye wanders over the rushing waters and contemplates the tall trees, settling in the middle ground where the tallest tower beckons us to examine her beauty.

Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania

‘Happy #WorldGiraffeDay! Sadly, giraffe are listed as vulnerable to extinction as numbers of them have fallen in the last 30 years. You wouldn't notice in The Selous though – we couldn't go 10 minutes without seeing our long-necked friends! We need to work together to preserve our earth and Africa's wildlife before it is gone.’ – Natasha & Cameron, @theworldpursuit.

Why we like it: The silhouette of this giraffe juxtaposed with the silhouette of the tree really emphasizes how tall these animals are. The warm sunset colours lead our eye through the image and separates the top of the tree and the giraffe's head from the lower, darker part of the image.

Barcelona, Spain

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‘Just by wandering through the streets of Barri Gótic (Gothic Quartier) in the heart of Barcelona you can easily find hidden gems. This curious street design which led to a mini square caught my eye. It was so serene and tranquil when I was there. I'm glad a place as touristy as Barcelona still has authentic spots like this one!’ – BRUN🌎, @bruno_mbp.

Why we like it: It nearly always pays off to switch up the perspective you shoot from. Look up, look down, get up high, get down low. Pointing the camera towards the sky for this shot reveals a negative space, providing a quirky take on city architecture.

Central Park, New York City

‘A lazy day spent in one of the world's most iconic parks. Incredible that in a city as vastly populated as New York you can come and lose yourself in any number of activities. Was fantastic to take out the rowboat surrounded by the spectacular skyline of NY’ – Passport Memories, @passport.memories.

Why we like it: A peaceful paddle in the park? This image practically begs us to book a trip to New York City and experience what it's like without the hustle and bustle. The boats in the lower part of the image adhere to the rule of thirds and the city high rises in the the top part of the image give overall balance. Of course, fluffy clouds and a blue sky along with the lush park greenery never hurt a summertime image either.

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