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LP Pathfinders: top posts from May 2017

Marseilles The Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations, Marseille © Picsonstock / Getty Images

It’s time for another monthly round-up of incredible adventures. May has seen our Pathfinders wandering the globe from the Palestinian Territories to French Polynesia, making pesto in Cinque Terre, exploring the architecture of Marseille and, as always, offering up their best travel hacks to help you hit the road.

10 things I didn’t know before travelling to Palestine (West Bank) – Joan Torres

Joan’s post is a refreshing take on an often misunderstood part of the world. His honesty and insider tips, combined with pictures that centre around local people and local life, make for an engaging post that might just have you putting the Palestinian Territories on your bucket list.

After moving to Dubai for two years Joan was inspired to discover more of the Middle East. Follow his blog at againstthecompass.com

Eating in Tahiti: when food trucks take over Papeete – Ariane Petit

Ariane’s personality radiates from her bubbly writing style which makes you feel as though you’re chatting to a friend over a coffee. Her enthusiasm for Papeete’s food truck festival is infectious and certainly had our stomachs rumbling for the local delicacies.

This blogger aims to give her readers handy tips and out-of-the-box travel inspiration. Follow her blog at thetravelbias.com

Making pesto in Manarola – Charlotte Mmabutsié

Since food plays such a huge part in how we experience a destination, cooking classes and tastings are becoming a staple on travellers’ itineraries. But this was the first time we've come across a pesto making class. Charlotte deftly lays out her learnings for the reader and captures the atmosphere of the day.

Charlotte and her blue trainers are diving feet first into adventure around the globe. Follow her blog at bluetrainertravels.com

Tips for first-time backpackers – Emily Luxton

Transitioning from having all your home comforts to hitting the road with nothing but a backpack and passport is daunting, even for experienced travellers. But Emily has a few words of advice to help you through. Her insights are original and engaging – this girl really knows her stuff.

Emily is an adventure junkie, secret geek, photographer and foodie (amongst many other things). Follow her blog at emilyluxton.co.uk

A city guide to the architecture of Marseille, France – Nancy Da Campo

Whether it’s iconic museums, restaurant interiors or a little-known backstreet, the history and culture of a place is written into the architecture – sometimes you just need to know where to look. Nancy’s guide – complete with stunning images – takes you on a fascinating tour of Marseille through its incredible buildings and urban spaces.

This architecture and travel photographer is fascinated by the lines, perspective, symmetry and geometry that surround us. Follow her blog at spacexplaces.com


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