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LP Pathfinders: top posts from April 2017

SOUTH AFRICA- Land Rover Defender 110 Overlanding in Africa gives a true sense of freedom © Edwin Remsberg / Getty Images

The seasons are changing but the adventures just keep rolling in, and this month’s Pathfinders round-up is a real treat. Gear up for a road trip around France; explore ghost towns in New Mexico and bridges that come alive in India; face the realities of overlanding in Africa; and discover a wealth of activities in a green and pleasant corner of the UK.

Saint-Malo and the Vendée, France – Gavin Greene

We love Gavin’s tales from his road trip in the northwest of France, from those hairy moments wondering if the car would make it to those inevitable instances when he got a little bit lost. Gavin’s writing style is light and fast-paced, whipping you through his adventures as you might imagine his classic MG whipping round corners on the open road.

When Gavin isn’t planning his next trip, he likes to paint and build electric guitars. Follow his blog at gavingreene.com

In photos: paradise in Nongriat, where bridges come alive – Alex and Sebastian

Unless you’re visiting San Francisco, bridges aren't typically the main draw for travellers – but what if these bridges are living things? Alex and Sebastian’s post focuses on the fantastical setting of the remote village of Nongriat, India. Their beautiful images are so detailed you almost feel as though you could step into the frame and onto one of the living structures.

These bloggers love roaming lesser-travelled locations around the world. Follow their blog at lostwithpurpose.com

Shakespeare, New Mexico – Jonathan Hopwood

Adopting a more narrative style, Jonathan’s stories of ghost towns and abandoned mines draws you into a world that hearkens back to the days of the Wild West. We love Jonathan’s honesty as he looks back on the days of this bygone time, talks about the passionate people currently working to preserve these historic places and reflects on the uncertain future of these forgotten towns.

Five Years is Jonathan’s 1827-day project dedicated to broadening his horizons. Follow his blog at fiveyearsproject.blogspot.co.uk

15 things we’ve learned from overlanding Africa – Cameron and Tasha

Overlanding in Africa is an epic escape befitting any intrepid traveller's bucket list. But between the roadside toilets, breakdowns, danger zones and dust up to your eyeballs, do the realities outweigh the thrills? Cameron and Tasha are here to tell you that these ‘bumps in the road’ are all part of the adventure.

So far Cameron and Tasha have visited 60 countries across six continents. Follow their blog at theworldpursuit.com

50 unique things to do in Dorset – Emily Luxton

Travel isn’t all about jetting off to some far-flung exotic isle, as Emily proves in this post about exploring her home county of Dorset, England. With 50 exciting activities to suit all types of traveller, this post might have you setting down your passport in favour of simply stepping out of your front door for an alternative escape (or, at the very least, putting Dorset on your travel wish list).

This lover of sea swimming and sunsets is on a mission to explore the world. Follow her blog at emilyluxton.co.uk


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