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LP Pathfinders: video of the month, March 2017

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Every month, we curate the best videos, blog posts and Instagrams from our Lonely Planet Pathfinders.

This month’s video feature is from Armando Costantino and Melony Candea, of Westfalia Digital Nomads (westfaliadigitalnomads.com), who give us an insight into the workings behind a colourful cemetery in Săpânța, Romania.

The Merry Cemetery - Westfalia digital Nomads

The Merry Cemetery in Săpânța, Romania is a unique cemetery that maintains age-old cultural traditions. We really liked the way they celebrate the lives of those in their community, often with humour, and the time and attention that goes into each individually carved marker.

A big thumbs up to Armando and Melony who have paired some beautiful shots of the cemetery with an informative voice-over; together they help provide a fascinating window on village life in Romania. We particularly liked the shots that focused on the intricate craftsmanship.

There were a lot of great submissions this month – a big thanks to all those who shared their latest captures. We particularly enjoyed seeing a brilliantly shot travel diary from Strandloopertjies (strandloopertjies.net), who gave us a peek into their travels around Africa in 2016.

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