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LP Pathfinders video round-up: Best in Travel 2017

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Every month, we curate the best blog posts and Instagrams from our Lonely Planet Pathfinders and this round-up comes with a twist. Rather than asking our Pathfinders to submit the best video they’ve produced in October, we wanted to see the best videos they had taken of the destinations which made our Best in Travel 2017 lists. Here are our favourites.

This month’s feature comes from Macca and Brianna, who have created a great video which encapsulates their time in Portland a city that caught our attention for its forward-thinking attitude, inventive foodie scene and the array of accessible parks, trails and gardens.

Macca's blog, An Adventurous World, is focused on bringing exciting places to his readers through inspiring videos and posts, and we think this video will awaken the curiosity in any traveller – give it a watch below.


We visited one of the hippest cities in the United States, Portland. With an amazing craft beer scene and an awesome nightlife, there's some incredibly weird and wonderful things to do in the city. And when we say weird, we mean really really weird.’

Hat tip to Brianna and Macca for creating this well shot account of their adventure, documenting both the travel wins and fails in a light-hearted manner.

There was also a great submission from TravAgSta which followed their two-week road trip through Cape Town in South Africa - we particularly enjoyed the penguin footage!

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