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LP Pathfinders Instagram round-up: Best in Travel 2017

In celebration of Best in Travel 2017 we asked our Pathfinders to show us some of the amazing images they have made on recent travels to our top picks for the year ahead. Here are the most eye-catching captures.

Namibia: our #2 best value destination for 2017

Namibia is Africa’s hidden gem and a great family destination. Our kids loved hiking and sand surfing in the dunes and the numerous safari rides we took almost daily. Etosha National Park might be the best place for wildlife, but we loved the vast and empty landscapes near Palmwag even more. It was just us and the wild animals. Incredible experience!’ – JurgaR, @fullsuitcase.

Why we like it: The colours pop and the use of the rule of thirds rule is spot on! The little boy's red and blue clothing stands out against the yellow grassy background. He is perfectly placed on the left side of the frame and looks inward, which leads our eye through the image to what he sees. Balanced on another line in the rule of thirds is a magnificent giraffe.

Myanmar: our #9 Best in Travel country for 2017

‘The iconic image of a fisherman on Inle Lake, Myanmar’ – Oksana & Max, @drinkteatravel.

Why we like it: This image truly is iconic. The muted colour palette of his clothing and the gentle reflection in the water create a timeless moment. Our eye is immediately drawn to the wondrous fisherman balancing his raised basket on one foot while standing on the edge of a narrow boat, using just a pole and his own dexterity to keep steady.

Bordeaux: our #1 Best in Travel city for 2017

‘I always photograph Bordeaux's Miroir d'Eau from the centre and only in the three minutes where the water is drained and it creates the mirror-like effect. But I loved how the mist and tonight's slight breeze made a cloud.’ – Luxe Adventure Traveler, @luxeadventuretrvlr.

Why we like it: The juxtaposition of movement and stillness in the purple twilight gives this Bordeaux vista a compelling edge. We see the powerful and established building taking up what seems to be an endless city block and in front of it we have the wispy movement of delicate mist and the momentum of the modern public transportation zooming out of the image. Soon all will disappear as the night sky continues to reduce the colours into darkness.

Finland: our #3 Best in Travel country for 2017

A photo posted by Dave Williams (@hybriddave) on

‘When the lakes coating the landscape of Finnish Lapland freeze over the sled dogs are in their element, running for miles on open tundra, frozen water and through forests that wouldn't be out of place on a Christmas card.’ – Dave Williams, @hybriddave.

Why we like it: The shallow depth of field in this image is perfect. It brings attention to the sled dog and those powerful blue eyes. The snow that has landed on the dog and the snow that is blurred in the background is just beautiful.

The Azores: our #3 Best in Travel region for 2017

A photo posted by BRUN🌎 (@bruno_mb) on

‘Miradouro da Boca do Inferno is a dream viewpoint on the island of São Miguel, Azores. From up there, you have a 360° view of the whole 22,000-year-old volcanic crater of Sete Cidades. It's nature all around you!’ – BRUN🌎, @bruno_mb.

Why we like it: Let's all just hop on that path and start walking towards the horizon and the beautiful blue ocean. This perspective invites us to imagine being on that smooth dirt trail immersed in the beauty all around us.

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