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Flickr challenge: ‘Best’ theme results

Have you heard about our regular Flickr challenge? Each week a new theme is chosen, and we invite our community of photographers to submit their most fitting image for that word or phrase.

We’re extremely proud of our recent Best in Travel 2017 launch, so we decided to use it as inspiration for our Flickr themes by creating a series of three challenges, one for each word in the campaign title – ‘Best’, ‘In’ and ‘Travel’.

The ‘Best’ challenge has just finished. Here’s how the community voted.

This week's winners

Sringaar...The_ornament. - sadiqur17 Traditional brightly-coloured bridal adornments © sadiqur17

One of our winners this week is sadiqur17, with this lovely close up. We like the vibrant reds and pinks, and we think the subdued background works well to make them stand out all the more. We also appreciate being able to see the texture of the reddish stone at the bottom of the image – it helps tie everything together.

Tranquil sunrise - Udayan Sankar Pal Watching the sunrise from a ghat by the Ganges, India © Udayan Sankar Pal

Udayan Sankar Pal is our second winner this week, after entering this evocative capture of a sunrise in Varanasi. It’s perhaps an unusual choice to shoot something like this in grayscale, but we feel it works well here because it helps accentuate the quality of the light and the textured silhouette of our companion to the left.

This week's runners-up

Mom - gauravr.jain45 Stepping outside under a watchful mother’s care © gauravr.jain45

This is a charming shot from gauravr.jain45. Although the subject matter is simple, we like the composition choice in placing the doorway to one side of the image, balanced up by the painted decoration to the left. We also appreciate how the figures inside the building are slightly out of focus, which contrasts well with the crisp outside textures.

Abstract - akhil.raj1306 An unusual and intriguing view skyward © akhil.raj1306

There’s a lot to enjoy in this photo from akhil.raj1306. The tree leads our gaze up into the delicate canopy, but it’s interesting to note that the focal point actually seems to sit halfway up, creating eye movement as we bounce from top to bottom and back again. Finally, we like how the wooden enclosure forms a natural frame for the shot.

Cave Hockey - nathanocracy An abandoned mine in Canada plays host to a spectacular ice rink © nathanocracy

We love this shot from nathanocracy – it’s so beautiful and surprising, we wouldn’t believe it was real if we hadn’t seen other photos from Wallingford-Back Mine in Québec. The natural colours of the rock contrast wonderfully with the darker patches in the foreground, and we like the low angle placing us on the ice, right in the action.

Sunrise over Mt bromo volcano, indonesia - andywrightflikr Indonesia’s Mount Bromo vents volcanic ash in the early morning © andywrightflikr

Another sunrise image, this time from andywrightflikr, taken on the edge of Gunung Bromo in East Java. This photo is already remarkable for its incredible landscape, but we particularly love the faint veil of mist in the crater – it mirrors the cloud filaments above, and seems especially white and pristine in contrast to the sandy clouds of ash.

Environment - Venkatesh CC Primates playing in silhouette on the horizon © Venkatesh CC

Venkatesh CC has created a fun shot with this capture of what look like macaques, taking over the local environment. It’s interesting that the image appears to be black and white at first glance but – on closer examination – we can clearly make out some green tones on the bank of grass, drawing our attention to the right of the frame.

This week's staff pick

Nazare sunset - Kuba Abramowicz An idyllic pastel sunset off the coast of Central Portugal © Kuba Abramowicz

Our pick of the week is this postcard-worthy shot from Kuba Abramowicz, taken in Nazaré. We really like the balance in the photo, both in terms of composition and in the subtle tones repeated across the image – the bright green of the two lampposts mirrored in the turquoise hues of the sea, and the peachy gold of the sand reflected in the faint bands of sunset orange above.

You can check out all the entries on our leaderboard. Next week’s theme is ‘In’, and the week after will be ‘Travel’.

Interested in taking part? Entry for the ‘Travel’ challenge is open until Tuesday 15 November – visit our Flickr challenge page to find out more!