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Behind the 'zines: Lonely Planet Traveller's December issue

The new issue of Lonely Planet Traveller UK has just hit the shops, and it’s packed full of travel inspiration and ideas for winter and beyond. Inside, the team reveal Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2017 – from wild Ireland to ancient Oman, lively Bordeaux to remotest Peru.

BTS Hayley and Mike begin the picture selection for this year’s calendar, out next month, as the Lonely Planet office T Rex, Jemaine, looks on

Take a sneak peek behind the scenes at the photos that didn’t quite make it in this month, from assignments in three of Lonely Planet’s top picks for the year ahead: Canada, Colombia and Finland. Also, discover how a pro photographer shoots NYC, as Navid Baraty talks us through a shot from his story on the Big Apple.

YUKON If only all commutes looked like this © Justin Foulkes / Lonely Planet

Yukon, Canada

Photographer Justin Foulkes took this picture of the White Pass and Yukon Route railroad, which runs from northern Canada into Alaska, for our feature on the wild Canadian province of Yukon.

‘I wanted a wide-angle view that showed both the train and the incredible landscapes it travels through. This scene appeared suddenly, just after a tunnel, but I knew it had all the elements I was looking for. Then it was just a case of peeping out the side of the train – but not too far! In the end, we saw so much dramatic scenery in the Yukon that it was impossible to show it all.’

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COLOMBIA The view from Monserrate, Bogotá © Kris Davidson / Lonely Planet

Bogotá, Colombia

While researching our piece on the best of Colombia, photographer Kris Davidson and writer Oliver Smith visited the top of Monserrate – the green mountain which rises over the city of Bogotá. After a day of rain, the clouds parted over the capital, illuminating the skyscrapers, streets and squares below.

'It's a Sunday tradition for Bogotá residents to climb to the top of Monserrate,' explains Oliver. 'Many of them ascend the 1500 steps to the summit as a kind of pilgrimage. Everyone else cheats and gets the funicular or the cable car.’ The team ultimately decided on a different picture of Monserrate: ‘we decided to make a grid of pictures, and a portrait shot fitted better.’

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FINLAND A calm lake in Finland's wilderness © Simon Bajada / Lonely Planet

Linnansaari National Park, Finland

Author Tim Moore visited Linnansaari Island for our feature on living like a Finn. ‘The photographer, Simon, and I found ourselves alone with a couple of hours to spare before a scheduled fishing trip, and went off for a wander. The weather had been resolutely grim for days but cleared up as we walked out of a dense and damp forest – suddenly, there was our whole story laid out before us. A huge body of silvery, still water; a lone boat; an encirclement of beckoning, unpeopled islands. The cabin cruiser in the distance wasn't especially photogenic, though – if it had been a rowing boat with a bearded fisherman at the oars this shot would probably have made the opening spread.’

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NYC NYC from above at night © Navid Baraty

New York, USA

This month’s photo story featured Navid Baraty’s aerial shots of New York, taken from the dizzy heights of its skyscrapers – like this one on Manhattan’s 6th Avenue.

‘I took the photo by leaning as far over the edge of the building as I could, with my camera in hand and the camera strap wrapped several times around my wrist. It's more challenging shooting at night because of the motion of the city in low-light conditions. I shoot with the aperture wide open to get as much light into the camera as possible. I also shoot in manual so that I can control the shutter speed, and use much higher ISO settings than I do in daytime shots.’

See more from Navid’s series at navidbaraty.com and on Instagram at @navidbaraty.

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