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Flickr challenge: ‘Unsafe’ theme results

The weekly photo competition challenges our Flickr community to enter their best travel shot to match a chosen word or phrase.

The ‘Unsafe’ challenge has just concluded, with the results decided by participant votes. Let’s take a look at the top images.

This week's winner

unsafe act - ashokum2 Daredevil stunts into shallow water © ashokum2

This well-timed photo from ashokum2 clinched the winning spot, and certainly captures the ‘unsafe’ theme in an effective way! We like the high angle, placing us on the same level as the youth as he makes his brave leap into the rocky waterway below. From there, our eyes follow the light reflecting off the water, which leads us from the top of the shot gradually back down to the bottom again.

This week's runners-up

Motherhood - sadiqur17 This mother knows how to multitask © sadiqur17

This is a simple and beautiful shot from sadiqur17. The use of grayscale accentuates the subtle contrasting textures while still providing some darker accents to break up the pale scenery. We don't know how much the bricks weigh, but it's quite impressive to be able to steady them while still carrying a small child with the other arm!

The hyena man of Harar - De Wet Moolman The hyena man feeds a local pack every night in Ethiopia © De Wet Moolman

We love this unusual shot by De Wet Moolman, from a series of pictures taken in Harar last year. Clever use of angles and ambient lighting make both subjects stand out in clear contrast against the Ethiopian night, and we’re especially struck by the wild hyena’s gaze fixed firmly on its unflinching human provider.

crossing - T.bhadra Braving a local makeshift crossing in India © T.bhadra

T.bhadra’s photo of this rustic crossing in West Bengal is an excellent interpretation of the theme. We like examining the posture and expressions of the locals as they cross, and we can’t help but notice that the young man at the front seems to be carrying the shoes of the older lady behind – perhaps a wise choice on the unsteady bridge!

unsafe / Hanoi (Vietnam) - buiobuione Unusual cargo spotted on the Vietnamese streets © buiobuione

This entry from buiobuione in Hanoi makes us smile. The surprising subject matter is centred nicely in the middle of the frame, and we also like how the border makes the image stand out. Lastly, we’re glad the shadows cast by rider and cargo have been included at the bottom, as they help reassure us that the shot is entirely genuine.

This week's staff pick

Demons - TS446Photo Powerful work from street artist Pyramid Oracle in London, England © TS446Photo

TS446Photo’s striking photo from Shoreditch is our pick this week. We love the dark tones and vignetting used to emphasise the centre of the shot, but it’s the timing and juxtaposition of subjects that really set this capture apart. If you look closely, the Minotaur’s grimace seems mirrored in the stern expression on the face of the child as the little one musters up courage to pass the outstretched hands of the painted beast.

You can check out all the entries on our leaderboard. Next week’s theme is ‘Best’. Interested in taking part? Visit our Flickr challenge page to find out more!