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Sailing around the world…selling lemonade


Lonely Planet Pathfinder Aric S. Queen is on an unusual (but awesome) mission: to solo circumnavigate the globe...selling lemonade along the way.

About a year ago he sold everything to make it a reality. Then he found out the boat he bought wasn’t even a good boat, and has since been stuck in a boatyard in North Carolina – in a town of 699 people – for over a year. Well, you've got to start a crazy adventure somewhere, right?

"I think that with the majority of travel shows, there’s a disconnect between the people involved, and the people watching. It looks good, but there’s a lack of reality to it, and that’s what I want to show – countering the sunsets with the problems, the cocktails with the loneliness and the gorgeous photos with the scarce bank account. This is simply going to be an honest look at everything – everything – that happens when you throw your hands up and say: you know what, we’re going to do this. We’re going to sail a little boat around the world… one way or another.” - Aric S. Queen

Weekly episodes of Aric prepping for his big journey (and all the trials and tribulations that come with it) are being uploaded to the Lonely Planet YouTube channel. During the preparation, he’ll also be taking a few side-trips along the way to the likes of New York, New Orleans and beyond...

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