Luege Rowe


This lovely and little-visited lhakhang at the far northern end of the valley offers a fine half-day hike. The chapel is named 'Sheeps' Horns' after the sacred horn prints and hoof prints on the cave roof. Pilgrims walk under the roof's nine mandalas and make a wish. The building is locked when the caretaker is away, but it's still a lovely location.

From Kurjey Lhakhang drive beside the Duer Chhu past Taktu Zampa and the village of Menchugang to Jusbi village. From here a path climbs up the forested hillside, sometimes on wooden planks across marshy bamboo groves. After two hours branch left at a junction and 30 minutes later you'll reach a chorten gateway, from where you can see the lhakhang nestled in a fold in the hills.

Back at the junction continue straight for 40 minutes to yak pastures, where a path branches left for the more ambitious hike across the ridge to Shugdrak. After a total of four hours' walking a collection of prayer flags marks a great viewpoint over the Bumthang valley. From here it's less than an hour downhill to Thangbi.