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Bring plenty of bug spray – the jungle surrounding the ruins is home to vicious mosquitos.

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Lamanai and the New River Safari in Belize

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productStop At: Lamanai Archaeological Reserve, Orange Walk DistrictGuest get to explore an ancient Maya city. Your expert guide will fill in the history and stories connected with the temples, ball courts, stellae and onsite museum. Duration: 2 hours

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Lamanai Tour and River Cruise from Belize City with Lunch

Following pickup, you will embark on a drive with your guide, who will provide commentary along the way. Then, you will board a boat for a sightseeing river ride, where you'll get to observe birds, orchids, water lilies and possibly crocodiles. You will pass near the Amish community of shipyard, before you arrive at the new river lagoon at the footsteps of the Ancient city of Lamanai. Your guide will then lead you through forest paths, where you will look at huge Guanacaste trees and the Cohune palm forest, and listen to the sounds of the howler monkeys. Your next stop will be the Mask Temple, where you will have the opportunity to take photos and go up the top, and get a panoramic view of the plaza down below. Next, you will go on a 5 minute walk through the forest path to see the High Temple. Your guide will explain the secrets revealed through excavations at the site, before providing you with the opportunity to climb to the top and see all of the Northern Belize lowlands and small villages.Following you descent, you will head to the Ball Court and the Altar in the center. Your guide will shed light on the findings and the ritual game. You will then pass through the residential area and see the famous Stela #9, which features an intricate carved drawing of the Lamanai dynasty and its ruler, Lord Smoking Shell. Moving along, you will next visit the Jaguar Temple, where you get to see the mask of the Jaguar on the Temple Wall. You will then stop for lunch. Next, you'll visit the on-site museum to see some of the Red clay pots with drawings on them that were used at Lamanai. Likewise, you will see Altars and stelas now housed in the facility. Your tour will conclude with drop-off.

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Lamanai Maya Temple and Baboon Encounter from Belize City

You will be picked up from your hotel or port at 9am and head to Lamanai Mayan temple with a local guide. After touring the temple, you will be served a delicious lunch.After lunch you will get a chance to see Belize's Black Howler Monkeys before being taken back to your hotel/port.The Ancient Mayan Temple of Lamanai is located along the river banks of The New River, Orange Walk District, Belize. Known as the longest continuously occupied site in all of MesoAmerica. Lamanai pronounced Lama'an/ayin means "submerged crocodile." The structures found at Lamanai are some of the oldest in Belize and many believe that this site was of moderate in size dated as early as 1500 BC. Some of the newer temples were occupied as recent as the 18th century AD. This means that Lamanai was occupied for a little over 3200 years! With an estimated population of about 34,000.  Lamanai's trading over the boarders of Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala and Belize. Today only 5% of the 800 buildings within the complex have been excavated and explored. Interesting fact about Lamanai: these temples were built in layers which suggest that successive populations would build upon the temples of their ancestors instead of destroying them. Some of the most famous temples are the Jaguar Temple, The Ball Court, The High Temple (El Castillo) and the Mask Temple.

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Lamanai and Scenic Boat Ride Along the New River Lagoon

Lamanai Mayan site is one of Belize’s largest ceremonial centers. It is located on the banks of the 30 mile long New River Lagoon, in the Orange Walk District, north of Belize City. With one of the longest occupation spans in the Mayan World, Lamanai was occupied continuously for over 3,000 years, from 1500 B.C. to A.D. 1675.The site of Lamanai includes eight major plazas, a ball court with the largest known ball court marker, a well-preserved mask of a Maya ruler emerging from a crocodile headdress, a 108 foot tall pyramid, one of the largest Pre-classic structures in the Maya area and an intricately carved Stela depicting the ruler Lord Smoking Shell. These are the main focal points at the site. Found also at the site are remains of a Christian “Indian Church”, which revealed that in 1544 the Spaniards had built a church on top of a Maya temple.This site has an excellent museum with pottery vessels, flints and figurines, many representations of crocodiles, indicating that the crocodile was very important to the people of Lamanai.The mystic wonders of our great ancestors and their intriguing past await you in this exciting adventure!

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Lamanai and a taste of Sugar city famous tacos

On this all-day excursion from the Cayo District, you will travel to the Mayan site of Lamanai and also get to try the famous Sugar City tacos! Lamanai, which means “Submerged Crocodile”, is located in the Orange Walk district in northern Belize. Lamanai is impressive and well-known for the exceptionally long length of time that it was occupied by the Mayan people: its occupation spanned from the Preclassic Maya period all the way into the Spanish and British Colonial periods in the early 20th century. In contrast, most of the other Mayan sites in Belize were abandoned by the 10th century AD. To get to the site, your experienced guide will accompany you on an organized boat trip which departs from Orange Walk Town and travels along the New River. Once you reach the site, be sure to take in the impressive history as you explore notable structures such as the Mask Temple, Jaguar Temple, and High Temple. After your tour of the site, make sure to try the Sugar City tacos (in Orange Walk), which are claimed to be the best tacos in the country!

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Belmopan Mayan Chocolate Making and Culture Experience

You will begin the tour the Lamanai chocolate cabana where two Mayan ladies will introduce themselves wearing their beautiful traditional Mayan clothes. They will begin by roasting cacao beans on a traditional kamal that is still used in many of their homes. This part of the tour takes anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour depending on the amount of interaction with the ladies. After roasting the cacao seed they will crush them on the two thousand year old Maya grinding stone. Next they will demonstrate the winnowing process. This process is done by dropping the crushed beans on front of a fan to blow the shells away. Often they use bowls to move the crushed seeds back and forth to ensure all the seeds are shelled. Then the seed is put back on the stone and ground into a high quality liqueur. The final step is to cook the liqueur in water until it is fully dissolved. Once dissolved we can add organic sugar and cream making the chocolate that was developed for taste and healing by the Mayan people.

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