Cayo District

Pacbitun, a small site, 12 miles south of San Ignacio via Cristo Rey Rd, near San Antonio, seems to have been occupied continuously through most of Maya history, from 900 BC to AD 900. Today only lofty Plaza A has been uncovered and partially consolidated. Structures 1 and 2, on the east and west sides of the plaza, respectively, are worth a look. You may find archaeologists and researchers working onsite.

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Nearby Cayo District attractions

1. García Sisters' Place


The García sisters display and sell a wide assortment of beautiful black-slate carvings. These five sisters developed this craft, which is now widely…

2. Sa'c Tunich

2.77 MILES

Many refer to Sa'c Tunich as 'the living Maya site' because at first glance it looks like an excavated ruin. However, Sa'c Tunich is actually the museum…

3. Barton Creek Cave

4.24 MILES

Barton Creek rises high in the Mountain Pine Ridge and flows north to join the Belize River near Georgeville. Along the way it dips underground for a…

4. Five Sisters Falls

4.48 MILES

The pools at tranquil Five Sisters Falls are only accessible to guests or diners at Gaïa River Lodge. A cable tram can take you down and back up.

5. Big Rock Falls

4.84 MILES

The small but powerful Big Rock Falls on Privassion Creek are, for many, more impressive than the Thousand Foot Falls – not least because you can get up…

6. Belize Botanic Gardens

5.22 MILES

The magnificent Belize Botanic Gardens, accessed from the grounds of Sweet Songs Jungle Lodge, hold samples of roughly one-quarter of the approximately…

8. Ix Chel Farms

5.93 MILES

This herbal-cure research center is at Ix Chel Farms, 8 miles southwest of San Ignacio up Chial Rd.