St Juliaan Canadian War Memorial

West Flanders

Memorial for Canadian war dead.

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1. Langemark Deutscher Soldatenfriedhof

1.76 MILES

The Salient's largest German WWI cemetery is smaller than Tyne Cot but arguably more memorable, amid oak trees and trios of squat, mossy crosses. Some 44…

2. Oude Kaasmakerij

2.09 MILES

This interactive, mildly interesting cheese museum compares old and new cheesemaking techniques while a gratuitously naked Cleopatra figure takes a bath…

3. Tyne Cot CWGC Cemetary

2.59 MILES

Probably the most-visited Salient site, this is the world’s biggest British Commonwealth war cemetery, with 11,956 graves. A huge semicircular wall…

5. Kasteelpark Zonnebeke

3.01 MILES

This lake-fronted Normandy-chalet-style mansion and gardens are located in the centre of Zonnebeke village. The mansion was built in 1922 to replace a…

6. Memorial Museum Passchendaele 1917

3.02 MILES

Within the grounds of Kasteelpark Zonnebeke you'll find this polished WWI museum charting local battle progressions with plenty of multilingual…

8. Hooge Crater Museum


In a quaint repurposed chapel on the Ypres–Menen road (N8), this small but characterful two-room museum is entered between assorted WWI sandbags, rusty…