Sanctuary Wood British Cemetery

Top choice in West Flanders

WWI cemetery in use from 1914.

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1. Sanctuary Wood (Hill 62) Museum

0.23 MILES

This gnome-fronted, surreally ordinary house displays a chaotic hotchpotch of WWI helmets, shoes, guns and harrowing photos, some in antiquated wooden…

2. Park Bellewaerde

0.64 MILES

This grand-scale high-adrenaline amusement park is the perfect place to give the kids a break from the histories of war.

3. Hooge Crater Museum

0.84 MILES

In a quaint repurposed chapel on the Ypres–Menen road (N8), this small but characterful two-room museum is entered between assorted WWI sandbags, rusty…

5. Ramparts

2.39 MILES

Ypres is unusual in that it has retained extensive sections of its city fortifications. Designed by French military engineer Sébastien Le Prestre de…

6. Rijselpoort


This medieval gate marks the entrance to the Ramparts Cemetery.

7. Ramparts CWGC Cemetery

2.44 MILES

One of Ypres' most attractive military graveyards, this Commonwealth War Graves Commission site is found 1km south of the Grote Markt.

8. Stedelijk Museum

2.44 MILES

This decent little gallery is set in a three-storey 1555 almshouse complex. Exhibitions change regularly but usually feature 19th-century paintings.