MOU Museum

Northwest Belgium

Occupying a significant chunk of the city's stunning stadhuis, the new-in-2012 MOU still feels fresh. It presents the visitor with an impressive multimedia presentation on a millennia of local history; there are also displays of silverware and a priceless collection of 16th-century Oudenaarde tapestries. The website has details on visiting exhibitions.

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1. Stadhuis

0.01 MILES

Oudenaarde’s impressive market square is dominated by this gorgeous town hall, built in the secular Brabantine Gothic style. The building houses the MOU…

2. St-Walburgakerk

0.09 MILES

At the southwestern corner of Markt, this imposing church was cobbled together from a 13th-century chancel and a 15th-century Brabantine Gothic tower…

3. Centrum De Ronde van Vlaanderen

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Fans of the Tour of Flanders (De Ronde) – and lovers of cycling in general – shouldn't miss this state-of-the-art museum, featuring displays on the…

4. PAM

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This museum of archaeology and local history occupies a site that in AD 925 was one of three main defences along the border between pre-medieval France…

5. Kasteel Ooidonk

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Thought to have been originally constructed around the 13th and 14th centuries, and reconstructed in 1595 after much savagery and repeated pillaging,…

6. Geraardsbergse Musea

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This simple, sweetly old-fashioned museum has no one distinct theme but features rooms with small collections of artefacts as diverse as matchboxes,…

7. De Permanensje

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Combining the local tourist office and the former Manneken-Pismuseum, this compact museum has a variety of multimedia introductions to the trades and…

8. Manneken Pis

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Brussels isn't the only city in which a little boy statue relieves himself. Indeed, many locals insist that Geraardsbergen's Manneken Pis is the original…