De Permanensje

Northwest Belgium

Combining the local tourist office and the former Manneken-Pismuseum, this compact museum has a variety of multimedia introductions to the trades and traditions of Geraardsbergen and the surrounding Flemish Ardennes. Highlights include push-and-sniff displays and a popular collection of antique costumes for the town's beloved Manneken Pis statue.

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1. Manneken Pis

0.04 MILES

Brussels isn't the only city in which a little boy statue relieves himself. Indeed, many locals insist that Geraardsbergen's Manneken Pis is the original…

2. Muur van Geraardsbergen

0.23 MILES

For cycle-racing enthusiasts the name Geraardsbergen is inextricably linked with the 'Muur' (Mur de Grammont in French), a steep cobbled rise that…

3. Geraardsbergse Musea

0.29 MILES

This simple, sweetly old-fashioned museum has no one distinct theme but features rooms with small collections of artefacts as diverse as matchboxes,…

5. Hôpital Notre-Dame à la Rose

4.66 MILES

Founded in 1242, this is Belgium’s only medieval convent-farm-hospital complex to have survived reasonably intact. Laboriously restored, it demonstrates…

6. Parc d’Enghien

8.84 MILES

Originally set out in the 17th century by the dukes of Arenberg, the Parc d’Enghien incorporates vast stands of woodland, fountains, statues, a tiny …

7. Espace Gallo-Romain

10.81 MILES

A fascinating place to learn about the region's Roman roots, with audiovisual displays and a collection of objects from the distant past. Among the…

8. Maison des Géants


If you miss the giants' festival, you can learn more at the Maison des Géants, in a grand old mansion opposite the castle-style tower of Église St-Julien…