Ships have been docking on either side of the River Leie since the 11th century. The area on the east bank is known as Graslei; Korenlei is on the west. There are always people here milling about, wining, dining, or sitting on the stepped riverbank admiring the stunning architecture.

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Nearby Ghent attractions

1. Grasbrug

0.03 MILES

To admire Ghent’s towers and gables at their most photogenic, stand just west of the little Grasbrug bridge over the Leie at dusk. It’s a truly gorgeous…

2. Korenlei

0.03 MILES

The Korenlei area is on the west bank of the River Leie; Graslei is on the east bank.

3. Design Museum

0.06 MILES

A vast toilet-roll sculpture humorously marks the back side of this museum, which has a collection specialising in furnishings including baroque, art…

4. Korenmarkt

0.06 MILES

Ghent's best-loved waterfront square, the 'Wheat Market' is where you'll find some of the city's best architecture, including the former post office (now…

5. Gravensteen

0.14 MILES

Flanders’ quintessential 12th-century stone castle comes complete with moat, turrets and arrow slits. It’s all the more remarkable considering that during…

6. Werregarenstraat

0.17 MILES

Ghent's attachment to graffiti as an art form began in this central alley, known locally as Graffitistraatje. The website has a live map showing the…

7. Patershol

0.19 MILES

Dotted with half-hidden restaurants, enchanting Patershol is a web of twisting cobbled lanes. Its old-world houses were once home to leather tradesmen and…

8. Huis van Alijn


Set in a restored 1363 children’s hospice complex, this delightful museum examines everyday life from the 1890s to the present, with a fabulous emphasis…