Pl Peramohi


Striking pl Peremohi is marked by an obelisk and an eternal flame (accessible from the underground passageway). Cyclists use this oval as a makeshift velodrome. Parades on 9 May (Victory Day) and 7 November (Anniversary of the October Revolution) often end up here.

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1. Former Residence of Lee Harvey Oswald

0.15 MILES

Just across the bridge over the Svislach River, on the west bank, is the former residence of Lee Harvey Oswald. The assassin of former US president John F…

2. Palats Mastatsva (Art Palace)

0.22 MILES

Palats Mastatsva is a good place to see what's happening in Minsk contemporary-art circles, with several halls of rotating exhibitions, plus performance…

3. Church of St Aleksandr Nevsky

0.52 MILES

This red-brick church was built in 1898, closed by the Bolsheviks, reopened by the Nazis, closed again by the Soviets and now it's open once more. It's…

4. Kastrychnitskaya Pl

0.67 MILES

The city's main square is referred to universally by its Russian name, Oktyabrskaya Ploshchad (October Sq). Here you'll find the impressive, severe Palats…

5. Tsentralny Skver

0.68 MILES

Across the street from Kastrychnitskaya pl, Tsentralny skver (officially known as Alyaksandraŭsky skver) is a leafy park on the site of a 19th-century…

6. Trinity Hill

0.76 MILES

Trinity Hill is a pleasant – if tiny – recreation of Minsk's pre-war buildings on a pretty bend of the river just a little north of the centre. It has a…

7. Kamaroŭski Rynak

0.77 MILES

Market buffs should not miss Minsk's air-hangar-like main market, one of Minsk's collectivist masterpieces. It's a colourful smorgasbord of seasonal (and…

8. Cathedral of the Holy Spirit


Off the northern edge of pl Svabody is the baroque, twin-towered Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, built in 1642. It was once part of a Polish…