Former Residence of Lee Harvey Oswald


Just across the bridge over the Svislach River, on the west bank, is the former residence of Lee Harvey Oswald. The assassin of former US president John F Kennedy lived here for a couple of years. The building has evolved since Oswald's time, but his apartment is thought to be at the far left (northwest) side of the building on the 3rd floor.

He arrived in Minsk in January 1960 after leaving the US Marines and defecting to the USSR. Once here, he truly went native: he got a job in a radio factory, married a Minsk woman, had a child – and even changed his name to Alek. But soon he returned to the United States and…you know the rest.

If you want to see Oswald's apartment, get in touch with Hostel Tower 18/31 in the same building and see if the hostel can secure you an invite through the owner (we had no such luck).