Prime Minister's Office


Prime minister's office.

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2. Zia Uddyan

0.73 MILES

Park near Bangladesh's National Assembly, home to the lakeside mausoleum of Zia Rahman, former prime minister of the country who was assassinated in 1981.

3. National Assembly Building


In 1963 the Pakistanis commissioned Louis Kahn, a world-renowned American architect, to design a regional capitol for East Pakistan. Due to the liberation…


1.66 MILES

Gallery specialising in photography

5. Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts

1.68 MILES

Bangladesh's home of fine arts, this gallery was established in 200 by the Bengal Foundation, and holds regular exhibitions of art and photography as well…

6. Sat Gumbad Mosque

1.98 MILES

Dating from 1680, Sat Gumbad Mosque is a white-washed onion-dome mosque, and the finest example of the pure Mughal-style mosque in Dhaka.

7. National Museum

2.14 MILES

The excellent National Museum, sprawling over several floors, begins with the geological formation of Bangladesh, whisks you through a rundown of the…

8. Ramna Park

2.15 MILES

One of Dhaka's largest green areas – a great escape if the traffic is getting too much. The Mughals first set aside the area for recreation; the British…