Liberation War Museum


Housed in a beautiful whitewashed colonial-era building, this small museum chronicles the 1971 War of Independence, one of the 20th century’s more deadly wars. Though it might not make for happy holidays, this museum is a useful stop for those hoping to understand modern Bangladesh. The shaded courtyard out back has a tea stall and a small stage where cultural events are held from time to time. There’s also a small bookshop.

Be warned: displays start off tame enough but gradually become more graphic before culminating in a room full of personal items (each of which comes with a short story on the owner’s life); a large pile of human skulls and bones; and some very disturbing photos of rotting corpses with bound hands being eaten by dogs and vultures.

To get here from Topkhana Rd, head north up Segun Bagicha Rd and it’s on the second street on the right.

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