Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Dhaka attractions

1. Baitul Mukarram Mosque

0.28 MILES

West of Motijheel on Topkhana Rd, this enormous modern mosque is designed in the style of the holy Ka’aba of Mecca and is a hard-to-miss landmark. The…

2. Liberation War Museum

0.68 MILES

Housed in a beautiful whitewashed colonial-era building, this small museum chronicles the 1971 War of Independence, one of the 20th century’s more deadly…

3. Baldha Gardens

0.74 MILES

At the eastern end of Tipu Sultan Rd, and a block south of Hatkhola Rd, the Baldha Gardens are a relaxing corner in busy Dhaka. The two walled enclosures,…

4. Old High Court

0.84 MILES

The imposing old High Court, once the governor’s residence, is just north of Dhaka University’s main campus. It is the finest example in Dhaka of the…

5. Curzon Hall

0.87 MILES

The quasi-Gothic red-brick Curzon Hall, erected in 1905 after the first partition of Bengal is Dhaka University's architectural masterpiece. It's a highly…

6. Dhaka University

0.89 MILES

Dating from 1921, Dhaka University, or just DU, has some fine old buildings. The architectural masterpiece is the red-brick Curzon Hall, a highly…

7. St Thomas Church

1.15 MILES

Small gothic-style church built in 1819, home to the Anglican church in Bangladesh.

8. Hussaini Dalan

1.16 MILES

A block north of the central jail is Hussaini Dalan, looking more like a Hindu rajbari (landowner’s palace) than an Islamic building. It was built in 1642…