Ahsan Manzil

Palace in Dhaka

Image by Ashik Masud Getty Images

Dating from 1872, the must-see Pink Palace was built on the site of an old French factory by Nawab Abdul Ghani, the city’s wealthiest zamindar (landowner). Some 16 years after the palace’s construction, it was damaged by a tornado, then altered during restoration, becoming even grander than before. Lord Curzon stayed here whenever he was in town.

After the death of the nawab (prince) and his son, the family fortune was dispersed and the palace eventually fell into disrepair. It was saved from oblivion by massive restoration in the late 1980s, aided by photos of each of the 23 rooms, taken during the high point of the palace’s history. The photos are still on display, as are various family portraits and the skull of Nawab Abdul Ghani’s favourite elephant, Feroz Jung.