Tucked behind the Hofburg, the Burggarten is a leafy oasis amid the hustle and bustle of the Ringstrasse and Innere Stadt. The marble statue of Mozart is the park’s most famous tenant, but there’s also a statue of Franz Josef in military garb. Lining the Innere Stadt side of the Burggarten is the Schmetterlinghaus and the beautiful Jugendstil (art nouveau) Palmenhaus bar.

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2. Statue of Mozart

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The marble statue of Mozart is the most famous tenant of the Burggarten.

3. Neue Burg Museums

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Three Neue Burg museums can be visited on one ticket. The Sammlung Alter Musik Instrumente (Collection of Ancient Musical Instruments) contains a…

4. Schmetterlinghaus

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Sharing the Habsburg’s personal Jugendstil glasshouse (1901) with the Palmenhaus bar in the Burggarten, the Schmetterlinghaus has hundreds of fluttering…

5. Papyrusmuseum

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Part of the Nationalbibliothek museum ensemble, along with the Esperantomuseum and Globenmuseum, the Papyrus Museum displays an interesting collection of…

6. Haus der Geschichte Österreich

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Opened within the Hofburg in 2018, Austria's first museum of contemporary history spans the period from the mid-19th century to the present. Exhibits,…

7. Nationalbibliothek Prunksaal

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Austria’s flagship library, the Nationalbibliothek, contains an astounding collection of literature, maps, globes of the world and other cultural relics;…

8. Albertina

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Once used as the Habsburgs' imperial apartments for guests, the Albertina is now a repository for an exceptional collection of graphic art. The permanent…